Nissan Evalia to receive some key updates by Feb 2013

Although the Nissan Evalia has got much recognition in the global auto market, the MPV has not yet been able to make much of a difference in the Indian market. So, with the intention of correcting its sales figure, Nissan India is planning to roll out an updated version of the MPV by February next year.

Most of the review on the Nissan Evalia often speaks of lack of the cover for the glove compartment which let stored items fly out of the storage area. According to the coming reports, Nissan will be correcting this flaw and will give a lid for the glove compartment to keep its content inside.

Nissan Evalia to receive some key updates by Feb 2013
In addition to the lid on the glove box, the update new Nissan Evalia will also feature changes in the design to its second row window. Currently Evalia is not offering sliding or roll down windows for the second row, instead it keeps the things with butterfly design. According to the sources, the second row seating will be added with the individual window.

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