Nissan likely to launch Sub-Micra “K2” in 2013

Micra brought a lot of brand value to Nissan in India when it was launched and the response from the crowd was fair. So owing to the success of the car in the Indian market which is said to be one of the most thriving markets in the world, Nissan had promised that it would be launching an improvised version of Micra very soon and hoped to attain the same response this time as well. Thus the new design team compiled and put together a new design of the car and the ergonomics of the car were planned to be new and much better than that of the predecessor model.

Finally Nissan has released a statement positively claiming to launch the new Sub-Micra which has been renamed as “K2” in the prospective year of 2013. There are certain speculations that are rife that the new Sub-Micra will launched under the prominent platform of Renault-Nissan alliance as that of Renault Pulse and Nissan Micra. There is a hearsay that the new Sub-Micra K2 will have some of its parts taken straightaway from Nissan Micra so as to hold back the price of the car. The price of this new venture of Nissan is said to fall in the range of 3 lakh to 4.5 lakh.

Nissan likely to launch Sub-Micra "K2" in 2013
The new upcoming Sub-Micra K2 will be powered by a 1.2 L three-cylinder engine and along with the petrol engine, Nissan is also planning to launch a diesel variant of the car which has a fair chance of being tagged as one of the most economic and low-priced diesel car in the market. Thus owing to this fact, the anticipation is building regarding the launch of this car as the prices of petrol have been skyrocketing for over a long time now. Nissam Sub-Micra K2 will lock horns with other hatchbacks of its segment as the competition brewing amongst hatchbacks in India is grown into a fierce battle as each and every automobile heavyweight is looking to add stars to its brand name in a country which is said to be thriving in the automobile industry. The most cut-throat competition will be that between Maruti WagonR and Hyundai i10 which are presently said to rule the hatchback market in India but the only repercussion they carry with themselves is the fact that these cars are available only with a petrol engine but new Micra will have a diesel variant as well and that too will be the least expensive diesel car in India.

So owing to the hype circulating the new Micra, Maruti has also started working on a diesel engine for WagonR . The Renault-Nissan alliance is very strong and thus the design and ergonomics of Renault Pulse somewhat resemble that of Nissan Micra and thus the new Micra will be instrumental in the idea that Renault will be taking up in order to improvise the Pulse. Thus the hype is just spreading like anything and people are waiting to get their hands on the new Micra.

Nissan likely to launch Sub-Micra "K2" in 2013

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