Nissan opens 7 new dealerships in India

The very thing about Nissan Motors trying to up its show rooms and service centers in India wasn’t a hoax and the company has already followed it up with vengeance. As of now, the total figure of dealerships in the country by Nissan stand at 30 whereas the projected score is of 100 by the year 2013.

The 7 new dealerships which have been opened recently are spread across the country. Those include Atmaram Nissan in Agra, Malwa Nissan in Karnal Haryana, Sky Nissan in West Delhi, SMG Nissan in Kolhapur, Fortune Nissan in Secunderabad, Aster Nissan in Vadodara and AM Nissan in Goa. The sales and service staff here have been trained by Nissan and its automotive partner, Hover Automotive India for after sales service. All these show rooms measure more than 30,000 square foot in length and have extensive capacity to service upto 20 cars per day.

Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama, M.D. & CEO, Nissan Motor India was present at the opening of each of these dealerships and he said that having dealerships in all the major cities across India does help in promoting Nissan as a brand and also allows the company to showcase its automotive prowess. As of now, the company has 3 dealerships in Andhra Pradesh and 2 in New Delhi.

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