Nissan Patrol Unveiled In India, But Not Confirmed For The Launch

Nissan’s niche segment in India wasn’t doing well, and the carmaker had shut down the option of Teana from the list of its operation. After an attempt in the upmarket segment, one cannot get over the hangover, since it now become a question of their reputation, they cannot back off. This is the case with Nissan as well. Reportedly, it unveiled the big daddy of its SUV lineup, Patrol, at an event in India for some media journalist to try their hands on. Though, the Japanese carmaker maker shied away from affirming about its launch in India, but the silver linings were somehow visible on the faces of officials. They quoted, it completely depends upon the customer’s demand.

Just to brief some more details about the SUV, it was given only a 5.5-litre V8 petrol engine that could send something 400bhp and 560NM of torque from a 7-speed automatic gearbox. Hence, the maker has ruled out the development of diesel engine considering the niche demand of it in the global market cannot overcome the costs involved in the making. Hence, from a branding perspective, Patrol to Nissan is what Land Cruiser to Toyota.

Nissan Patrol In India

Moved inside the cabin, dimensions of 5.14-metre of length was clearly benefitting everyone in terms of legroom. Though, the third-row was pretty much comfortable. And everything is built to last. The combination of wood, leather and chrome made perfectly for it to look as a one lifted from the yacht.

Nissan Patrol In India

On dimensions, Nissan Patrol measures 5.14-metres in length, 1.99-metres on width, 1.94-metres at height and 3.07-metres at wheelbase. Bose surround system, numerous airbags and eight-way leather seats is the tip of iceberg of the feature list.

Expected pricing of “Rs 1 crore”, the band will take it to stand against Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, Audi Q7 and others if launched in India.

Nissan Patrol In India

Important Note: The SUV was imported from Dubai, so the reason it holds a number plate of the Middle East. The event was organized at Buddh International Circuit in India.

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