Nissan Safety Driving forum to be revealed at Mumbai

As the part of promoting safe driving activities, Nissan has started a program known as Nissan Safety Driving Forum for the emerging markets. The safety forum mainly focuses on educating drivers and co-drivers importance of the safety features that have been incorporated in Nissan vehicles.

Nissan has recently revealed its program for the Indian roads. The program was first launched in Delhi and after the appraisal it received over there, Nissan has finally geared up to have it in Mumbai also. The Nissan Safety Driving Forum is a part of safety driving promotion program from Nissan that mainly focuses on the emerging markets and teaches passengers and drivers about the various safety features housed inside their car and their importance. The Mumbai will be all set to witness the Safe Driving Forum on February 16th 2013 at Malad.

The first event was organized in Noida where Nissan made people aware about the seat belts and the practicality of the airbags which were demonstrated through practical real life simulations. It also allowed people to experience situation like frontal car crash and roll over with the simulators. These practical simulations allowed the passengers to understand the working and necessity of these safety features in case of any crash.

Nissan Safety Driving Forum

The program will be starting at 11 am at the Inorbit Mall, Link Road, Mindspace, Malad west, Mumbai and it will be followed by a lunch. After the Noida Event, Company will be all set to demonstrate the safety features to the customers in Mumbai. The company will be carrying over all the simulators they used in Noida event and may also be introducing an ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) simulator that will be demonstrating the advantage of hiring one of these inside your car.

Participants will be able to test drive Nissan cars and will be exposed to the onboard safety technologies within the closely monitored environment. Nissan will also be demonstrating information about other safety features in the cars to make people aware of their importance.

At the event, Takayuki Ishida, MD and CEO, Nissan India said that with the growing number of cars on roads the accidents have also grown. Nissan understands its responsibility as an automaker and believes the “Safety Begins with ME”. The Safety Driving Forum is aimed at teaching people about the safety practices to reduce road accidents.

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