Nissan Sunny Facelift Test Drive and Review

Nissan’s Sunny side is up. The new Sunny, or can be said as the Sunny facelift, is about to launch in the coming month, but we got our hands onto it before it reaches the showroom.

Though, cosmetic changes only experienced. The technicalities were restored from the existing version.

On the cosmetic front, the Sunny facelift headlamps played the daunting task of differentiating it than the older one. Deeply penetrated into the bumper, headlights reminded us of it for being a true-blue Teana sibling at the first sight. Complementing it further was the more radical front grille which now is showing up as the enhanced face of the model plate. Minute nip and tucks returned it as a complete satiable package, with the chin been tidied. The chrome around fog lamps has nothing to do more obtusely with the newness, like the new tail lamps. The good thing that Nissan planted on this car is the black splitter at rear which actually cuts off the bulky 490-liter boot into a finely positioned element. The top-end variant of Sunny facelift gets new pieces of alloys, if specifically said they have 12-spoke.

On interiors, thankfully there was more number of changes than the exteriors. Firstly, the steering wheel which is inspired by Teana, had blissfully placed the buttons on itself in silver finish. Overall, plastic quality is good, and now the car got more premium feel with the beige interiors. This time, Nissan had played all the aces right – seemed from the oodles of sense-pulsating factors like chromed dials, leather-wrapped steering and such. In the high-end variants, customers are drawn to get the leather seats and leather covered gear knobs. The two-DIN music system with Bluetooth is borrowed from the Micra, which is not a bad thing at all here, but above it the dash also holds screen for reverse parking camera.

Nissan Sunny Facelift Test Drive and Review

Moving at the rear, the acres of legroom and shoulder room does ends up claiming Sunny facelift of being a roomy and airy car which can be hold onto for the chauffeur-driven title very well. The thigh support at rear was a bit bothering, while the rest of the dimensions and inclusions were completely fine; we mean the experience can be plotted at additional notches than just being ‘fine’.

  • Engine:

As said above, the technicalities are restored from the existing version. Hence, the same 1.5-liter HR15 petrol engine of 99PPS@6000rpm with 5-speed manual and 101PS@5600rpm in CVT both along with 134Nm of torque @ 4000rpm was found doing its duty. The famous 1.5-liter K9K dCi diesel engine of 86PS@3750rpm and 200Nm of torque @ 2000rpm was married to 5-speed manual.

In return, the drive and handling is the same as it was earlier.

  • Conclusion:

Nissan Sunny Facelift is bragged to be launched in 8 variants inclusive of all the trims. The pricing, they said, would be Rs 30,000-40,000 costlier than the outgoing model, for which the changes doesn’t felt overpriced to us. A good competitor in the market against the new Honda City and its likes, Nissan Sunny facelift is a car most preferred to be driven by the chauffeurs, so at the time making choice, do remember, it isn’t a Car, instead it’s a Caaaaaaaaaarrrrr!!!

Nissan Sunny Facelift Test Drive and Review

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