Nissan Teana Discontinued In India

It doesn’t sounds unobvious for Teana to be discontinued from the Indian market. After all, only a handful of them were sold during 2014, and if said precisely only 15 units were rolled out of the showroom during the entire year.

Earlier, it was X-Trail and Z370 that got axed from Indian market. Now, Teana joining their fray had completely shunned off the upmarket presence of this Japanese carmaker.

Higher import duties for the cars imported as CBU (completely built units) in India had added woes to Teana’s discontinuation. Worsening the scenario further, was the only petrol engine in its bay that turned down the buyers from looking towards it.

After considering the dominance of diesel, those oil burners would have worked for Nissan to earn its bread and butter from this segment if launched. Audi A3 and Skoda Superb are the ones leading the baton in this repertoire.

Nissan Teana Discontinued In India

The official website of Nissan, where Teana used to be listed, is now found doing away with Terrano, Micra, Micra Active, Sunny, Evalia and Datsun GO. Shortly, it will also receive Datsun GO+ MPV.

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