Now even Honda is recalling its Honda City

It seems that this vehicle recall issue is enclosing its hand everywhere on the globe. Every now and then we can hear the echo of recalling of various vehicles of various brand, or rather it is a new sound. Even bigger brands are haunted by this very issue. The recent being the Fiat and Cadillac fiasco in US, now its Honda’s turn in India to recall all its Honda City cars. Yes, it is true that Honda is recalling all it Honda Citys manufactured during November 2008 to December 2009. Owners of these cars have raised issues regarding faulty engine parts.

Honda recorded a total sales figure of Honda Citys in that period to be around 57,853. The company will soon be replacing the faulty parts of the vehicle. Honda City is one of the much praised mid size sedan car in India. This car is especially famous for its cabin space and easy handling. But there was an issue regarding its price. On the contrary to this news, this car has never been before this incident been in the news for any problem. Infact people love its performance. According to some of the reports there is a problem in the engine spring and is nothing about faulty parts. The same has been confirmed by the company that as an exercise against these so called faulty parts, the company will be fitting in the motion spring which is currently missing in the valve train of these cars.

In its defence a spokesperson of the company said that, “it is not that all of them infact any of them is our manufacturing fault, rather it is about that missing spring. Again as I said this problem is not because of something we forgot to provide with. This motion spring are generally used by the rocker arm in the engine. Since these motion springs are bit delicate when compared to any other part of the engine this spring tend to get bent or broken. So, it is not what we forgot to provide inside these cars, it just happens over time, and since we have recorded a number of cases, we though it is better to recall our vehicles as for us our consumer comes first”.

Because of these missing motion springs, these cars were making lots of noise and were a bit erratic in their engine response. As a matter of fact this problem has not affected the current sales figure of Honda Jazz or any other vehicle for that matter. Also a quick response from the company has increased its brand power in the market as it has emerged as a consumer supportive company. Honda is also thinking of doing the same to all its vehicles exported to other countries which were manufactured during the same period. It is definitely a wise move from the company and has definitely enhanced its brand image even in such a drastic situation.

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