Porsche Cayenne Goes Topless Under the Hat of Newport

Seems not happy with the convertible version of Range Rover, the guys at Newport now had chopped off the roof of first generation Porsche Cayenne too. “Chopping” off the roof seems a daily activity at the backend of Newport.

No to disappointment, the Newport has received more than 47 orders for the convertible Range Rover which was revealed earlier this month, so this may also become a big hit as soon as the news will be spread across the fraternity.

Sounds nice and glitzy to those who wanted their luxurious German off road to be topless, there is another sort of creativity found on the Newport’s Cayenne which is making it to look out of the context.  It is the wooden encryption on the doors and hoods which is said to be okay with the true off roaders, but not the luxurious one instead. Going the tough Porsche way with the open roof, it is not that cool, as what we say while seeing the images, so do lend us your thoughts too on this modification.

Porsche Cayenne Cabrio
In fact, the first generation Porsche Cayenne cabriolet is not the last stop of the Newport; they are very keen to go convertible with the second generation too!

New Porsche Cayenne cabriolet

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