PSA Fiat and Peugeot Citroen merge speculated to oust Volkswagen from the lead

Volkswagen is leading the markets and is making it seem like a cakewalk. It is at the top of its game, leading in all the segments of the car market. Volkswagen is triumphantly collecting revenue from the European markets. It is steaming ahead of its competitors, leaving them biting the dust. The revenue of Volkswagen is rapidly growing, and you don’t need statistics to prove it. It recently won the award for the highest selling small car for its Golf, second only to Maruti Alto.

Now if you have felt that Volkswagen has got a free reign over the European markets, without much of a competition, then you couldn’t have been more wrong. It is being chased by the likes of other European auto making giants, the Fiat and Peugeot.  These two are finding it hard to come up with products that match the quality and innovation of German engineering. The car makers, Fiat and Peugeot, have come up with an ingenious plan to tackle the situation.

PSA Fiat and Peugeot Citroen merge speculated to oust Volkswagen from the lead
The companies, who have always pitted themselves against one another, have joined hands to take down their common competitor. These manufacturers are now teaming up against Volkswagen in an effort to bring out world class products that would stop the German company’s reign over the European market. The plans have been formulated and the big wheels are turning, the only thing left to be seen is, does it go the way the automobile giants have anticipated or does it fall flat on its face, giving Volkswagen no competition henceforth in its dream run across Europe.

The Italians and the French have teamed up to take down their German arch rival. The merger had been talked about and discussed in round table conferences for years, but didn’t seem to materialize until now. Probably because Peugeot and Fiat who have been at it each other in the European markets have now realized that it’s time to hit the panic button. So chances are that in the coming few months there will be some official announcement to what is still a speculation, the Fiat PSAPeugeot Citroen merger.

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