Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012: Preview

It is said that all the cows of a herd make way for a bull. You want to look mean, you want to act mean, and you wants to stand up to all those who dare to lock horns with you. Similarly Mitsubishi Pajero took the whole SUV battalion by wave when it was launched and now finally Mitsubishi is throwing the covers off the anticipated all new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012. Pajero took the SUV counterparts by wave and now Mitsubishi feels it is the right time to unveil the newest avatar of the primeval mean machine. The all new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012 will feature upgraded ergonomics and much more dynamic looks than its predecessor.

Exterior Features:-

The design that has been made by Mitsubishi consists of an upgraded tougher chrome grille, Xenon headlamps, skid plates, alloy wheels, with dual body tone colour. The skid plates have been fixed to the front parts and rear parts of the car. The designers have also maintained larger ground clearance this time and foot boards.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012

The car will be having durable and high-performance tires which will ensure optimum traction control. This will help the car to maintain its track and not slide off the track. Losing balance is not the option as the tires maintain a strong grip with the road no matter how adverse the road conditions become.

Interior Features: –

The interiors of the new Pajero Sport 2012 have been revamped to a great extent as one will get to experience elegance while sitting in the cabin as this time the designers have taken luxury into consideration. The whole interior has been made using first-rate plastic material and the upholstery along with dashboard has been given a more elegant and comfortable finishing. The Pajero Sport meant for other countries does not bear much difference with the Pajero Sport which will be launched in India. The multimedia system of the new Pajero Sport has been revamped to a great extent and is now more advanced than before. Comfortable arm-rests have been installed in the rear seats. The driving seat is electronically adjustable and there is ample space for at least 7 passengers to be seated comfortably in the cabin. Some of the newest put-ins in the car are the rear-view camera which Mitsubishi considered mandatory and advanced power steering which can be tilted as well.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012 interior

Performance and Powertrain: Ergonomics: –

The new Pajero Sport 2012 edition is meaner than its predecessor and the ergonomics of the car have been upgraded for enraging performance. 2012 Pajero Sport is powered by 2477cc petrol engine which delivers 135 horsepower at 3500 rpm whereas the peak torque delivered by the car is 314 Nm at 200 rpm. The Pajero Sport launched globally has a 4-speed automatic transmission system and the same configuration is there in the Pajero Sport 2012 which is to be launched in Indian subcontinent. The car comes in two variants respectively 4WD and 2WD but critics are not sure as to which model Mitsubishi will gift to India. There might be many people who will not be satisfied with the mileage of the car but this car can easily give 10 kmpl on highways and 7 kmpl on normal city roads. The makers of new Pajero Sport 2012 have ensured that the handling of this new beast will be better than that of its antecedent.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012 engine

Safety: –

The new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012 comes equipped with advanced safety kits of both passive nature as well as active nature. Parking sensors ensure that the car is properly parked at a distance from adjacent car so that both can be rolled out comfortable. There are fog lamps which help in increased visibility in case the weather is foggy or there is smoke billowing over the road. The tires of the car ensure optimum traction control so that the car does not swerve off the road by any chance and the tires ensure most favourable durability. There are 2 airbags that come in the safety kit and along with that there are EBD, ESP and 5 seat-belts for the rear seats along with those for the driver’s cabin. ABS control system ensures that the car takes turn without misbalancing the weight of the vehicle.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012

Price: –

The base price of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012 has been fixed at Rs.24 Lakhs and the price goes up to Rs 30 Lakhs according to the variants of the model. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2012 is expected to lock horns with the upcoming new Toyota Fortuner.

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