Range Rover Evoque sold out in India

It’s really shocking news that the yet-to-be launched Range Rover Evoque has been already sold out and people looking forward to booking this vehicle would have to wait till approximately a year before the bookings for the same start again. Earlier on, Jaguar Land Rover dealerships used to receive enquiries about this vehicle, however, keeping in mind the merits of this vehicle as also the price tag that it is intended to be launched with, those enquiries were converted into bookings.

The Evoque would compete against the likes of the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and also Volvo XC60. However, on the pricing front, it is likely to compete with one up higher models of all these cars. The starting price of the Evoque is pegged at Rs 39 lakhs. The Range Rover Evoque would have the choice of both a diesel as also petrol engine. While the petrol version will get a turbo charged 2.0 liter engine producing 237 Bhp, the diesel version would be available with a 2.2 liter diesel which would make power in the regions of 190 Bhp. An interesting prospect is that the petrol version would be made available with only a 3 door format while the diesel would come in a 5 door format. Chances are that Range Rover would be offering the Evoque towards the first half of November 2011.

Range Rover Evoque in India

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