Renault Offers Free Vehicle Pick-up And Drop For Women Buyers

A change is necessary. But didn’t drooled a Women’s Day would made the French to rethink. Soon after reducing the standard warranty of 4-years to 2-years on all its cars in India, company initiated one more initiative to make up for that loss to buyers, especially women. Launched on this women’s day, the company reported of offering free pick-up and drop service of cars to women buyers for servicing.

There is a condition to it: the vehicle shall be registered in the name of a female. Otherwise, the service isn’t applicable. It seems maker wants to hit the customer base of fairer sex with new tactics.

Though, no more affirmation made on this subject, instead we are made sure Lodgy Stepway MPV is bound to be brought to India later this month or at the beginning of next. By the end of 2015, a small car codenamed as XBA will also make to Indian shores for shooting the masses. After all, the numbers of Duster didn’t suffice Renault enough to balance the sales reports at the end.

Renault Offers Free Vehicle Pick-up And Drop For Women Buyers

Hence, it will be interesting to how much improvements can be experienced. We wished, if the Renault may send its sales sheet with specified numbers of cars registered under the names of men and women to actually make the task easy for us even segregating the effects of women-spec sales techniques.

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