Renault Stops Production Of Pulse And Scala In India

Quite contradicting; on a side Maruti sells Swift in huge numbers, whereas inspiring others as well to do so and most of the competitors manages to take a satisfactory piece of share from the market against the leader. Though, the rough patch falls only for Renault with regards to Pulse. Reportedly for poor performance, and also ‘inventory control’ as they, the French carmaker has halted production of Pulse in India for a limited time. Along with this hatchback, the sedan called Scala too faces simillar condition on the production line as well as in market. As been rumoured, duos are about to get a facelift in the coming months, for which the inventory is needed to be cleared, and worsening further poor sales allowed to halt the assembly for a limited time.

Going with the numbers for now, company produced only 183 units of sedan in May 2014, where in October only 59 Pulse were rolled out of the factory. Since then, none of those models saw the dawn at the factory of Renault in India. Scala and Pulse are rebadged version of the Nissan Sunny sedan and MIcra hatchback respectively. Positioning all of them against the sales results between April-Jan, following could be surfaced, claiming the huge ratio of dropping sales for Renault against the Nissan.

Renault Stops Production Of Pulse And Scala In India

Models Sales
Pulse 1646 (53% Decline)
Micra 7040
Scala 1177 (74% Decline)
Sunny 4374

Hence, another reason for Renault of not succeeding in these segments is its overpricing strategy, where the duos are premium than their Japanese sibling. Though, the fact behind this production halt can be cleared only after receiving the official mouthpiece from Renault regarding the further course of action. Apparently, from some sources of the industry, there are number of reasons for Renault of not bringing the facelift model due to poor sales. In fact, the next launch is bound to be of the Lodgy MPV for India.

Let’s keep the fingers crossed!

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