Bugatti Sold The Last Veyron

The legend of automobiles, Bugatti Veyron, too deserves a legendary see off after spending a whole decade in the industry on the throne of world’s fastest car in production. Officially announced, Veyron is now discontinued from production, where reportedly the last unit termed as named ‘La Finale’ is bought by a Sheikh of Middle East; though the identity isn’t disclosed.

Bugatti launched Veyron in 2005 and since then a number of trims came to the market to push up the excitement. A W16 engine worth of 8.0-litre and 987bhp is planted in the engine bay which translates all the technicalities to sum up 0-100 kmph sprint in 2.5 seconds alongside the top-speed of 431kmph. Some of the trims even managed to gather as much as 1184bhp. Three specific trim come to light when talked about: Veyron Grand Sport – the open top version of coupe (2008), a Super Sport (2010) and Grand Sport Vitesse (2012).

Hence, it was last year when Hennessey Venom GT took the title from the Bugatti’s flagship by attaining the top speed of 435kmph.

Commenting about it, Wolfgang Durheimer, top hat of Bugatti said, Veyron is not just a fine masterpiece of the modern automobile world. Instead, the way it is crafted tags it as an art of automotive.

Several special editions have made to the showroom during the lifetime of this car, where some smart Alex even managed to tune it for more a more dreadful behavior from the engine in terms of speed. To name a one such example, someone has tuned the Veyron to deliver whopping and jaw-dropping power of 1497bhp.

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