Rolls-Royce Al-Adiyat Limited Edition Phantom Coupe And Wraith Unveiled

Horses and Rolls-Royce may have a relationship dating back to past many years with regards to the racecourses, where the animal would run and bring glory to the masters, and to show such opulence in public Rolls-Royce cars remained a major factor.

Now, to combine the serene tranquilities of racecourses with the finest motorcar once again, Rolls-Royce introduced Al-Adiyat special edition with the one off example of Phantom Coupe and nine examples of Wraith. The ‘Al-Adiyat’ is being referred to a noise made by horse when its hooves strike the stone in a powerful manner, which leads the sparks flying off it. In the car, red theme is carried throughout, with bonnet comprised of steel and white coachline running across the length for the tradition of company. Inside the cabin, red shade too has taken over the entire bloom of cabin’s aura with the headliner, seats, everything else. On the same pitch, dashboard hits a compliment to entire theme with the dark wood trim. Official words of Rolls-Royce exclaim gold-plated horseshoes impression on treadplates and clock marks the last finishing touches of the car for its the exclusivity alongside the horses marked headrests.

Rolls-Royce Al-Adiyat Limited Edition Phantom Coupe And Wraith Unveiled

Hence, nothing confirmed by the maker which market such edition will cater to, but referring to the term used for special edition it hints, Middle East once again will be on the target. Though, no changes in the engine bay reported, so those luxuriously finest carriages of the modern times from Rolls-Royce will be drawn by existing engine options of the lineup.

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