Rolls Royce found sweeping roads in India!

Rolls Royce cars are observed as a much honored possession in every part of the world, but there are stories from several places which coveys, the British luxury is also being “dishonored” at times. Though every disrespect caused to the car has a different story. But disappointingly a one which we had posted on our blog, found from the shores of India, has only little to say about the pinnacle. Well, the image relates to the pre-independence era of the nation, so not much of the naggings can be gathered to reprimand it eccentrically.

Rolls Royce which one can see in the image below is the ‘1925 Phantom | coupe’ which was dishonored by making it to ‘sweep the roads of India’. And the source from where we got this image said that the car specifically belongs to one of the ‘Nizams of Hyderabad’ who committed this act after getting insulted by the representatives of Rolls Royce in a car showroom.

1925 Phantom I

Very importantly, ‘two disgusting brooms’ tied on each side of the front bumper of 1925 Phantom | are making the image to look more “offensive”.

“A picture says a thousand words, and this one is speaking a lot than thought of”, so we are not going to comment further.

Those, who wanted this ‘rare’ moment to be replicated again, can save this image on their desktop. In addition, they will also not feel the guilt of not possessing a Rolls Royce (in India), because our ancestors used to sweep the roads with it, which may sound as a “garbage vehicle” for them.

However, the 1925 Phantom | is cosmetically dubbed as dramatic with the sloping radiator grille, round doors, massive tail and the awesome weight of “over three tones”. We are naming it to be the perfect for the Batman to use it in one of its series, but we guys are least interested because the same had sweep our streets at the times when the rare were only used to drive the car, where Rolls Royce was meant to be an astounding name of fraternity, which was then “dishonored”.

Note: This image is not “photoshopped”, we posted the original one, so don’t take us in that faking fray!

One can see the original pictures of the car in the image below, which was taken at 2012 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. And can also leave the comment on the comment section below whether one is feeling proud after seeing the image or not.

1925 Rolls Royce Phantom l

1925 Rolls Royce Phantom l Interior Rolls Royce 1925 Phantom l 1925 Rolls Royce Door

1925 Rolls Royce Phantom l Back view

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