Rolls Royce Ghost Coupe Caught Testing on the Roads in UK

Rolls Royce has been in the news for some time now. Of late the company has showcased numerous models of its upcoming cars including thefacelifted versions of the Phantom, Phantom Coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. As per inside scoops, the luxury carmaker is now busy carrying out tests of a Ghost coupe prototype on UK roads.

There has always been speculation that the Rolls Royce Ghost would go the same way as the Phantom did and it would be expanded to a saloon, coupe and a convertible. Nowthis road test of the Ghost coupe points towards the fact that this rumor could well be true.

No luxury car enthusiast or auto news reporter can ever make a mistake encountering the Ghost-specific bluff front and slot-like headlights. The same thing has happened when the all-over camouflaged coupe prototype was spotted carrying out tests on the roads. It didn’t take even a second to come to a conclusion that the prototype belongs to the Rolls Royce Ghost family. The prototype exhibited a sportier three-split lower grille.

Rolls Royce Ghost Coupe Caught Testing on the Roads in UK

If changes are to be considered, the luxury carmaker has brought in deviations in the car profile. Changes in profile include lowered roof (which sharply fall away) and single door on either side. If you think how one can come to an either-side single door thing, then I’d like to ask you to take a close look on the dummy door handles stuck to the side of the car.

Taking a look at the rear end of the coupe prototype, wefound that a large spoiler has been added to conceal the area where the rear windscreen meets the boot. Although it didn’t convince us, but we are pretty sure that the showroom version would certainly feature something more subtle and smoother than what appeared.

The car is being expected to feature a 563bhp 6.6L V12 engine as the saloon’s powerhouse. Rumors are high that Rolls Royce would feature a bit reworked suspension to make it a bit sportier while ensuring the trademark Rolls Royce ride at the same time.

The way, in which the tests are being carried out on the prototype, it is being speculated that the Ghost Coupe will hit the showrooms some time in 2013 with an approximate price tag of 230,000 GBP.

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