Rolls-Royce Serenity Concept Based On Phantom Headed For Geneva Motor Show

Opulence defines worth of being the wealthiest, and in the segment of textiles silk dominates the rest, where considering that for themselves Rolls-Royce too will unveil a one-off concept at Geneva Motor Show based on the Phantom. However, their official letter confirmed, concept shall be called as ‘Serenity’, ideating a new level over the usage of textiles in a car’s interior. A bespoke design team of Rolls-Royce will take cues from the European furniture and the Royal Japanese Kimono designs.

Detailing more about the concept, official letter of the carmaker commented, its unique design will elaborate different level of craftsmanship and would define the fresh parameters of attention to detail. Additionally, the silk too had a long tooth crusted in the history of imperial powers as well as royals, which once again will be brought before to the world in a new shape at Geneva Motor shown 2015.

Rolls Royce Serenity Concept Based On Phantom Headed

Though, no changes shall be expected in the technical aspects.

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