Second showroom for Lamborghini in India

Lamborghini India are trying to be “bull”ish in their approach of the Indian market. The company which is located in Santa Agata is now looking to increase its reach in the Indian car market by appointing another dealer for its Mumbai operations. The candle has been passed onto Mumbai based Bafna Motors. Currently Lamborghini is represented in India by a single dealer and that is Exclusive Motors in New Delhi.

Seeing the demand that the its parent company Audi are receiving for the Audi R8 in India, Lamborghini are also on the expansion mode. Over the 2 years that it has been in the country, Lamborghini have been selling about 10-12 cars. News is that the new Lamborghini Aventador which was recently showcased at the Geneva Motor Show has completed its quota for the calendar year 2011 and the 11 cars alloted for India have been already taken up. Out of these 2 buyers are from Mumbai whereas the rest of them are from Delhi. Even initially, there were about 3 cars sold to Mumbai customers.

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