Strike at GM’s Halol facility

The General in India is affected by a uprising and this uprising could well be a road block in its way of becoming one of the top 5 manufacturers in India. The road block has come in the form of labour unrest in GM’s Halol plant in Gujarat. It may be noted that a few months ago a labour union unrest had happened in the same facility and it was sorted out by the GM management here in India. More than 700 workers have joined this indefinite strike which is going on at the facility and about 285 vehicles per day losses are going on. As of now, the entire strength of the workforce at the Halol facility is 1600, out of which more than 1000 people are at the worker level. The union that the striking workers have joined is known as INTUC.

The immediate reason for the strike is said to be excessive workload been put on the workers. Moreover, the workers also allege that GM also violates rules of Industrial Safety and Health Act, PF act, health hazards and also gratuity norms. In its defense GM’s Vice President for India, P Balendran has clarified that there was a strike about 3-4 months back wherein GM had consented to almost all of the demands of the workers and the workers had even signed up a three year agreement in which they had said that they wouldn’t go on a strike. P Balendran also said that the workers had violated this agreement and only a board meeting would decide the next course of action. He refuted allegations by few of the workers saying that there were many health related issues in the plant. Mr Balendran is still adamant on this words about the 3 year agreement which was signed in the presence of the Labour Commission.

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