Skoda Citigo in India: Preview

Skoda, the Czech car giants, has identified the importance of the Indian market, hence automobile lovers can rejoice, as the Company’s latest offering in the small car segment, the Skoda Citigo, is expected to hit the roads of the country by this year end.

Target Segment:

The Skoda Citigo will potentially target city consumers; having focussed their branding in similar lines, and will be a comfort drive in city roads. The car will be a 4- door, four seater; with creasable back seats, which would offer a large boot space. The car is longer and wider than a Maruti Alto with the front looks inspired from Skoda’s recently unveiled concept: MissionL, which is going to be the driving force behind all future Skoda cars.

Skoda Citigo in India

Engine Power and Acceleration:

Skoda Citigo will have the same liter petrol engine that Volkswagen Up! uses with two different tuning states. It will have the option of two 3 cylindrical petrol engines, giving an output of 60 bhp and 75 bhp. The car offers optimum performance through engines and gearboxes for five speed manual transmission along with low emission levels and a decent mileage. This advanced engine technology will enable the Skoda Citigo to achieve a speed of 100 kmph in just 14.4 seconds with a top speed mark of 165 kmph, thereby offering better performance and higher acceleration than other petrol variants. Two highly economical green engines will reach operating temperature even on short distances and will offer very low fuel consumption figures of 67.3 mpg and 65.7 mpg, with low emission levels of 97g and 99g CO2/km respectively.


Skoda Citigo will continue to the legacy of cars from the Skoda group in terms of offering descent mileage. The car is expected to deliver 11 kmpl on city roads which wil increase to 15.4 kmpl on freeways.

Skoda Citigo in India


Stylish and Safe:

Skoda Citigo will have the characteristic Skoda exteriors with the finned grille and loads of chrome, added to it will be unique xenon headlamps. For enhancing safety in unfavorable weather conditions, fog lamps have been installed on both side of air intake grille. A rear wiper has been added and the rear side will have large and elevated body colour bumpers. The tail lights of the Skoda Citigo will be vertically placed, in a deviation from conventional hachbacks. The rear windshield will be rectangular and small in length.

Skoda Citigo in India

The Skoda Citigo measures 3.56 meters in length, 1.65 meters in width and has a height of 1.48 meters; the compact dimensions ensuring comfortable handling in busy city roads with a wheelbase of 2.42 meters.


An amalgamation of beauty and comfort: Skoda Citigo’s interiors have been stylishly designed with illuminated instrument cluster equipped  with tachometer, tripmeter and certain warning systems. Steering with tilt adjustments and electrically operated windows with numerous storage components along with cup holders and multimedia systems, makes it a very passenger friendly car. Though the internal measurements of the car are yet to be revealed, space will be definitely prioritized.

Skoda Citigo interior Skoda Citigo interior Skoda Citigo interior

Inbuilt Braking and Safety Features:

The Skoda Citigo will be rationally priced, but at the same time, there will be no compromise made on aspects of quality, design and safety. For the first time in any Skoda vehicle, a Head-Thorax side air bag, aimed at protecting the heads of both the driver and the front seat passenger,  is being used. A new brake assistance system termed “City Safe Drive” which automatically activates through laser sensor at speeds below 30 kmph to avert dangers of collision, has been launched in the Skoda Citigo.


Eight spoke aluminium alloy wheels loaded on a surprisingly long 2.42 meter wheelbase with emergency braking on wheels distinguish the Skoda Citigo.

Skoda Citigo wheel

Skoda Citigo has all the features incorporated to make it a very comfortable and spacious family car, for a family of four, and even the AC is expected to perform very effectively.

So, come this year end or early 2012, will you be the first person in your neighborhood to drive around the city in this latest beauty from Skoda, the Skoda Citigo?

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