Skoda introduces the Rapid ‘5X5 Experience’ package

Not yet anything new on the board, Skoda is pulling more on after sales services to catch the latest of industry for this festive season.

Hence, it is no doubt that Rapid is the youngest member of family in Skoda’s family here, but obviously it will tend to attract more attention of the audience with the new sort of add-ons.

Hence, Skoda announced 5X5 Experience package on Rapid for those who will buy it before the end of September 2013.

Concluding Rapid 5X5 package, it is said to ensure the customers for not worrying about the rising interest rates and maintenance costs. The ‘Rapid 5×5 Experience’ is an innovative package which will make the SKODA Rapid an even more attractive proposition to the Indian customers with an enhanced ownership experience.

 Skoda Rapid 5X5

The Rapid ‘5×5 Experience’ includes:

  • For the first time ever by an car manufacturer, Total Extended Warranty Package (EW) for 5 years which will also be valid for 2nd owners as well
  • Car Loan up to 5 years @ 7.99%
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) which will cover regular service schedules up to 5 yrs, which is offered for the first time by any automobile manufacturer
  • 5 years of Road Side Assistance (RSA) which will also be valid for 2nd owners as well
  • First year insurance free and monthly payment for the consecutive months

This new package of Skoda is made available on all the variants of the Rapid, not even excluding the recently launched ‘Rapid Leisure edition’ across all the Skoda dealerships in India.

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