Skoda Mulling A New Hatchback For India

Skoda Fabia was resorted of not selling in numbers despite of numerous price cuts and huge discounts. So the reason for its discontinuation, company now wants to get a substitute in its place soon, because of the lucrative business opportunity in that category. However, one could take that new Fabia which would be released in the coming days at Paris Motor Show 2014 could make its way here. But the exclusive reality on the ground lays differs – new one shall be more expensive than previous one because of having more fascinating tweaks than that. So, the only option to this problem is to get the new one in its place which will be fashioned in a way to deliver the maximum output with minimum input.

The sources in industry waked to the Sudhir Rao’s (Managing Director, Skoda India) court with this question, and returned with smiling faces as they met the answer gracefully to it.

Skoda Mulling A New Hatchback For India

As per to the source, Skoda is considering a new hatchback for India! If all goes well, it could be based on the Rapid’s platform which in return will save numerous costs as of the crash tests and such for the company in Europe. More to it, there could be extensive localization which may save the graces further. Mr. Skoda’s MD had also further elaborated that there could be a mix of all the platforms and components available at the bay of company.

Hence, if the blueprints will work effortlessly then final product could be out any time after 2017.

Till then, Skoda needs to keep its fingers crossed!

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Source: Autocar India

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