Volkswagen Eyeing SEAT Car Brand Launch In India

Volkswagen always played premium in India since the beginning. And it’s the only point where it failed to eat up the volume. But not tempt to leave that space isolated without the VW badge, German automaker is reported of bringing SEAT to the shores. The new sub-brand of VW hailed from Spain will roll out their hatchback in the vicinity of Rs 3-5 lakh that could rival the likes of Hyundai, Maruti on a stern note.

It’s not only India that could be awarded with this new model plate. Chinese and other emerging markets are also in the queue to get it soon from VW as the volume eater.

At present, SEAT manufactures a couple of sedans, four hatchbacks, and a 7-seater MPV all of which comes in number of variants and different sizes, we mean 3 and 5 door coupe and all.

Volkswagen Eyeing SEAT Car Brand Launch In India

Products like Ibiza and Mii (based on the Volkswagen Up) pose strong feasibility of entering India. And while in the country, they are bound to face heavy localization at the Volkswagen’s Chakan manufacturing facility. In fact, automaker too had invested approximately Rs 240 crores for expanding the facility and churning out more numbers from the bay.

Hence, it will take 3-4 years for SEAT to get into India. There aren’t any official words from the officials yet.

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