Soon You Would Require Parking Proof To Buy A New Car

Those who are heading out to buy a new car shall be ready to face some challenges as government is trying to press them hard over the parking space.

Apparently, in the coming years car buyers will have to produce the proof of holding a valid slot of parking, only after the new car will be registered.

As reported, government of India is looking to mandate the said regulation under the Road Transport & Safety Bill 2014 hard pressing the buyers to first make a parking arrangement and then buy the vehicle, which they think will curb down useless cars on road and would also secrete decency in the car market.  Before registering the new car, the proof of parking shall be produced, states the proposed bill.

Soon You Would Require Parking Proof To Buy A New Car

But needed not to worry, the bill is still in the pipeline and is required parliamentary debate followed by approval to get the action levied. Considering the snail-pace working style of our official machinery no one knows how long it is going to take to get implemented, or it would be discarded with cold responses.

Well, if the proposed legalization will pass, then it is believed that could be restricted to metro cities only where hunting down a parking space is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Source: ET Auto

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