Step by Step Learning Tips for Beginners: Part 1

Beginners are the most crucial part of the driving cluster and to be specific it takes a lot of time to drive out the perfection when sat inside the cabin of a car. Sometimes one may feel that Rocket Science is far better than learning to drive a car, as it was the same case with me too. Truthfully, I hadn’t gone to the driving school and any other institutions, but instead had gained the performance by practicing behind the steering rim of my friend’s vehicle. Though what I had did is not acceptable to any of the extent but at my time it was the only option left with me, because a trainer at the driver school gives you inputs of those minute inputs which any of the layman may not briefed the knowledge to that extent. In actual to my parent’s relief, the bespoken buddy of mine was an ex driving school trainer so my parents hadn’t found a lot of misconception with my driving, and lest I also passed the driving test successfully. This doesn’t tend to be the same case with many of us so we land up in crashing the vehicle with someone else or maybe with freaking the other cars on road, like we find many of the examples on our day to day routes. But still if insisted then we had mentioned down the various points which will help you in gaining the near to perfect, not exactly perfect, tricks of learning to drive a car.

Get the assistance of license holder:

Make sure that a license holder is occupied on the next to driver seat. Being a trained driver due to the experience of passing the test, he may partially know many regulations rather than be known the gist of all, so at times you can rely on his suggestions, which he may not know better than other, but is the more knowledgeable person than you. So do follow him in the first place.

Get the assistance of license holder

Paint the letter ‘L’ on the front and rear of your car:

Just inclined by the heading, we all must have understood what we have to say on this clause, but lest if anyone hadn’t got in his brain then let us explain. As per some of the traffic rules it is necessary to mark the letter ‘L’ in bold red avatar on front and rear, if you are a learner, and the traffic police found you flouting this rule then you may be heavily finned. Well on an extent, it is a betterment for us only, that’s because the L earmarked vehicle raises indication to other vehicles on road that the driver of this bug is not a leaned person so he may commit any of the fallacy in terms, it is better to be self-safe instead of claiming someone else for the accident.

Paint the letter L on the front and rear of your car

Fasten your seat belt:

Safety start first with the seat belt and a good habit takes off from the initial stages of learning. Placing yourselves behind the wheel of a driver in car will lend many chances to mould your habit in the different criteria, selecting the safest one from them is the actual smartness from your side. People talk of a lot of safety in automotive arena and as an outcome they embeds their vehicles with end number of safety gadgets, which tends to fail in the simpler cases even. To our judgment, we know that all the safety measures start from the seatbelt and if one skips that then he is bound to get good bumps in the crashing scenario. To claim it evidently on the part we had seen people coming out alive when they have been crashed severely by other metals, and to our anxiety what had saved them is only their seatbelt, where those costly safety affairs fail to get themselves in work when needed at most. Some of the recent road accident cases in our country are a good example to the acclaimed criteria but mentioning them will take the things in wrong direction so it’s better to make out this way only.

Fasten your seat belt

The first part of the beginners end here, we will be back with some more of them in our next part, till then get the perfection on this much of basics.

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