Strike at Maruti’s Manesar Plant Finally Ends

The ongoing strike at Maruti’s Manesar plant has finally come to an end as the company made a settlement with the striking workers late last night. According to reports, production is expected to pick up at the plant from Saturday onwards.

As part of the agreement, India’s largest manufacturer of passenger cars has agreed to take back the 11 employees which it had sacked citing that they were responsible for instigating their employees to strike. Reinstating these employees was one of the demands made by the striking employees at Manesar ground, apart from recognizing the new Maruti Suzuki Employees Union. The 11 previously sacked employees were also the office bearers of the newly formed second union.

Meanwhile, around 2000 employees who went on strike on June 4 that ended yesterday will only lose their salary of few days instead of the strike’s entire duration of 13 days. So far the first demand of the striker’s to get their union recognized has not yet been agreed upon, as the company is yet to decide on it.

The company is estimated to have suffered a production loss of more than 13,200 units valued at around INR 600 crores that is likely to affect the company’s monthly sales figure. The general secretary of the AITUC, Gurudas Dasgupta, said that there is to be no reference regarding the decision of the management against allowing activities of the trade union at their plant.

The AITUC president of the Gurgaon district, Suresh Gaur, also said that other worker unions in the surrounding industrial belt would continue with their protest. These unions will have a tool down 2 hour strike as was planned for June 20, after they held am empty stomach work protest today afternoon.

The state government of Haryana was also responsible in settling the problem. Following the strike, cars like the A-Star, SX4, DZiRE and Swift that were produced at the Manesar plant will see their wait periods go up by as much as 6 months.

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