Suggestions to beat the cold in giving your car a hassle free start in winter

Starting you car in the winter can prove to be an even tougher exercise than appeasing your wife the day after you have missed out on your wedding anniversary. Some suggestions that have been offered by a leading car driving expert have been shared here, just to help smoothen out this arduous task.

  • The car engine should be actually kept off until the time you are actually ready to move. The modern cars of today do not require their engines to be warmed. The engine should be kept in an ‘on’ position only if one requires running the demister/heater before starting the journey.
  • The windows should be cleaned from both inside as well as outside – if the windows have dirty screens, they are more likely to gather mist quicker.

Car maintenance in winter

  • Any snow that might have fallen on the bonnet and roof of the car, and also the windows, should be cleaned off immediately.
  • Once you step into the car, you have to be sure that all additional electrical features have been turned off (things like lighting, heaters and the likes) before you actually start the car.
  • Once you decide to start the journey, only then the heater and the engine should be switched on; failure to do the same by switching them on much earlier would stem up the windows. If the car is fitted with air con, it also needs to be on as the screen retains its dryness through the same.
  • If the car has been provided with an ‘ice setting’, the same should be used.

As the expert rightly points out, it is very important for people to spend time preparing their car to face any weather conditions. This will ensure that the car gives a consistent performance throughout the entire journey. The simplest method of doing so is to have your battery checked regularly and also to ensure that the screen wash provided to you has antifreeze components.

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