Geneva Show to be a low key affair for Tata Motors

As per latest reports, the upcoming Geneva motor show (GMS) will be a low-key event for the Indian auto giant, Tata Motors, with no fresh cars or concept vehicles on presentation.

The auto giant has traditionally unveiled a concept vehicle particularly for the Geneva Show. However, according to firm’s sources, Tata is now confronting internal disapproval for rarely translating its concepts into production vehicles.

In actual fact, the only idea, which has developed into a showroom reality, is the Tata Xover, a crossover idea brought out in the year2005, which was introduced as the Aria in the year 2010.

Tata Xover

In the year 2012, the auto giant uncovered the Megapixel that hinted more at the firm’s innovative design track as compared to a specific future product.

2013’s Geneva motor show (GMS) will be the first for Karl Slym as Tata Motors’ managing director and a chance for him to officially talk to the media persons in his fresh job.

Hence, it appears as a shocker that the press meet has been called off in addition. With declining sale facts and no fresh products to mention, the internal viewpoint is that it’s best for the automobile company to not draw too much media interest.

The auto maker stole the Geneva motor show (GMS) when it initially took part in the year 1998 with the Indica. The world’s cheapest car, Nano, made it again a decade later in the year 2008. In 2013, the Tata stall, which will have weary looking vehicles on its ground, is doubtful to get even a passing glimpse.

Ferrari Gives Confirmation About New Supercar Debut at Geneva Motor Show

We have been providing thorough reports regarding each and every development linked with the keenly awaited Ferrari F150.

The company has stated that the F150 will make its public debut at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show (2013), and this entails that the approaching super vehicle is just a few days away from its trailer.

The said vehicle dubbed as Ferrari F150 will be the divine successor of the far famed Ferrari Enzo and will be amongst the fastest road going Ferrari ever.

It may be mentioned that the said vehicle has already been showcased to a selected viewers and hearsays are all around that the selected group comprised 2 Indian residents amongst others.

Ferrari F150 Supercar
The new vehicle, Ferrari F150, will be valued around or above €1 million and this figure is without all the revenue enhancements. The new super vehicle is being projected to cost near €1.21 million on road in the Italian market.

The highly anticipated car will be catered by an expansively up graded edition of the 6.3 litre V12 engine, which is detected in the F12 Berlinetta. In this new vehicle (F150), this motor will come paired with a F1 style HY-KERS (Hybrid – Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which will enhance the power yield to approximately 900 bhp.

As per reports, only 499 vehicle units of the said car will be constructed, and the vehicle has been already sold up!

The new vehicle will feature a carbon-fiber framework that will be fabricated at Ferrari’s Formula One (F1) main office.

It may be noticed that the car will be marketed with a different name and the vehicle will remain in operation for official uses only. Ford is not very happy with Ferrari taking over the F150 from their well known pick-up truck.

This might be the last puzzler before the vehicle is publicly disclosed on March 4th.

Hydrogen Fuel Based Hyundai ix35 Production Spec to Debut at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show of this year is already fully-loaded with some best pieces of metal but that doesn’t means enough! To increase more heat in the land of Swiss, Hyundai had saved its offering for the last to steal all limelight on its paddock there.

As soon as it surfaced, we wasted no time to write it up. We already know the world is shifting from EVs to a more popular one hydrogen fuel cells, and that too had created some groups of organizations and all; as of now it is turned into reality from just a good looking PowerPoint presentation slide of carmakers. Hyundai is the first organization to reveal its hydrogen-fuel based production spec i.e. SUV Hyundai ix35 at its Ulsan plant of Korea.

All this was happened yesterday and the first unit which drove out from the production line was given a special treatment by VIPs namely (from left to right in the image) Ki-Sang Lee, Hyundai’s senior VP and Head of Eco Friendly Vehicle R&D Center; Gaphan Yoon, Hyundai’s Executive VP and CEO of Ulsan Plant; Mang Woo Park, Mayor of Ulsan City and Eok Jo Kim, Hyundai Vice Chairman.

Hyundai ix35

Commenting on such a deliberating occasion, Mayor of Ulsan City says, “Assembly-line production of fuel cell vehicles marks a crucial milestone in the history of the automobile industry not just in Korea, but throughout the world.”

Hydrogen based Hyundai ix35 stands a bit different with new front grille and bumpers along with tweaked fog lamps and instrument panel. A 7” GPS screen had been added to build its hi-tech persona. These much we think so is good enough for satisfying aesthetics but the things which matters a lot is its actual performance. No to disappointment, the green SUV claimed a top notch of 160 kmph with 0-100 kmph slot in 12.5 seconds.

Overall, it does needs only few minutes to refuel itself at the filling station for running a total length of 594 kilometers, unlikely to that several hours of charge for around 160 kilometers in EVs.

We hope so that it may had cleared homologation test as well, because Hyundai is claiming it to export in the markets of Copenhagen, Denmark, Skåne and Sweden. Already the new ix35 had ran around 2 million miles in Europe, US and Korea for testing the abilities in actual form, but will finally reside in the Geneva’s event of this year in its original production specific avatar.

A lot of award had been won under its tag which had gained after million dollars expenditure on the engineers’ team in Mabuk R&D center, Korea. Though, it is a different aspect that many thronging hours had also been showered on this, which too deserves a consideration along with the fat spending figures. Giving a support on its own board of European Union, Europe had laid down the maps of hydrogen fuel stations and its future that requires around 1000 vehicles to prove it a success until 2015.

 New Hyundai ix35

Mr. Mang Woo Park, the Mayor of Ulsan City too shares the same kind of thought that was going on our mind. It can be clearly refined from his statement, “By supplying more hydrogen refueling stations to support the eco-friendly fuel cell vehicles produced, we will make Ulsan the landmark for eco-friendly automobiles” which really sounds true in all sense.

Lastly just to add as a reminder, hydrogen fuelled technology uses a stack of H2 cell for producing electricity which in return churns electric motor and hence the vehicle is driven. Carbon emissions are an exception to it but another component that pours out from it exhaust note is nothing else but “water”.

Future sounds interesting with Hyundai’s ix35, isn’t it! And it is almost the same thing being echoed by Mr. Eok Jo Kim voice, “With the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle, Hyundai is leading the way into the zero-emissions future.”

Lamborghini to Unveil Its Fastest Car Ever at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Lamborghini is in the tempting mood to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, and also looking forward to shock the world with its new offering on such an auspicious occasion.

Lets end the mystery, the Italian carmaker is planning to roll out its fastest car ever on 5th March at 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Design Director Filippo Perini told the media that it will be built in Limited numbers of ten, which is probably sold out.

Throwing some more light on the car itself, Perini said that it will be more of a Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 and street legal as well, unlikely to Sesto Elemento. It is in process at the Company’s new Concept Development Center in Sant’ Agata Bolognese, Italy.

Lamborghini Super Car to be Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show
Revealing the true excitement, Mr. Filippo exclaimed, “We want to shock the world with this Lamborghini car.”

Just to inform you, we also are much eager to taste the thrills of this new limited clout!

Spyker 911 – Fighting Sports Car to Soon debut at Geneva Motor Show

Being well known for C8 Aileron, reportedly Spyker is going to take off the cover from 911-fighting sports car at Geneva Motor Show.

We have worked on a very scarce source of news to print down all the nearest possibilities. It is learnt from rumors that, new offering will be a two-seater coupe being carried by a mid-mounted engine.

In an interview with Holland’s very own Autovisie, Spyker CEO Victor Muller said, “I will say nothing more about our upcoming sports car other than the fact that it will surprise you.”

Spyker to Unveil 911-Fighting Sports Car in Geneva

The frequent calculations that we did on backside of a notepad had reaped us with, CPP Manufacturing – a sub contractor for making C8 Aileron had shattered off last year due to colossal debts leaving all burden on the shoulders of organization itself. A stand to this point can also be justified as; the Dutch carmaker had imported machineries and equipments from Coventry, England, (the existing location of CPP) to its headquarters in Zeewolde, Holland, Geneva Motor Show for starting own production process.

Striving hard to see a new expertise of engineering, one has to wait for two weeks to get the melting ices of Swiss Alps being inclined towards this beauty.

Skoda Octavia to make a comeback to India?

Skoda fans might have a reason to cheer in the very near future. Skoda might just bring back its Octavia model to the Indian car market. The primary prupose for this is to replace the Laura, which has not done very well here. Reports have already surfaced that Skoda will be using Volkswagen’s MQB platform for this all new Octavia, which will probably be codenamed A7. This vehicle might be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

When the Skoda Octavia was here in India, it was doing fairly well. But intriduction of BS-IV norm meant that the Octavia had to be withdrawn from the Indian market in a phased manner in 2010. But now it seems Skoda has realized that the Laura will not be able to do well in India, and is planning to reverse its move about the Octavia.

Skoda Octavia to make a comeback to India