Ferrari Gives Confirmation About New Supercar Debut at Geneva Motor Show

We have been providing thorough reports regarding each and every development linked with the keenly awaited Ferrari F150.

The company has stated that the F150 will make its public debut at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show (2013), and this entails that the approaching super vehicle is just a few days away from its trailer.

The said vehicle dubbed as Ferrari F150 will be the divine successor of the far famed Ferrari Enzo and will be amongst the fastest road going Ferrari ever.

It may be mentioned that the said vehicle has already been showcased to a selected viewers and hearsays are all around that the selected group comprised 2 Indian residents amongst others.

Ferrari F150 Supercar
The new vehicle, Ferrari F150, will be valued around or above €1 million and this figure is without all the revenue enhancements. The new super vehicle is being projected to cost near €1.21 million on road in the Italian market.

The highly anticipated car will be catered by an expansively up graded edition of the 6.3 litre V12 engine, which is detected in the F12 Berlinetta. In this new vehicle (F150), this motor will come paired with a F1 style HY-KERS (Hybrid – Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which will enhance the power yield to approximately 900 bhp.

As per reports, only 499 vehicle units of the said car will be constructed, and the vehicle has been already sold up!

The new vehicle will feature a carbon-fiber framework that will be fabricated at Ferrari’s Formula One (F1) main office.

It may be noticed that the car will be marketed with a different name and the vehicle will remain in operation for official uses only. Ford is not very happy with Ferrari taking over the F150 from their well known pick-up truck.

This might be the last puzzler before the vehicle is publicly disclosed on March 4th.

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