Rolls Royce carbon fiber limited edition models are the next exclusives: Report

Consideration of an SUV for Rolls Royce was the last testimony for it to affirm a strong decision emerging in the future. But looking at a report in the industry, we felt that Rolls Royce is now more interested in making something else, rather than going off-roads with SUVs.

Hopefully a report at Edmunds had claimed Rolls Royce will be making limited editions of carbon fiber in the near future.

However, the carbon fiber are not so less expensive than other of the metals in industry, but report says, it takes a less amount of fabrication effort for bending into the desired shapes, comparatively lesser than the steel and aluminum bodies.

Lest, a number of shapes and curves can be dwelled easily too on the carbon fiber, which sounds tough on the said hard metals core.

Rolls Royce
It is exclaimed, the carbon fiber crisps will be made available in limited numbers only so that the exclusivity can be retained.

We say, the owners of Rolls Royce believes paying those bucks for getting exclusively worked and classically designed vehicles, which to an extent must look like a Legend and could be retained for centuries. Whereas, the carbon fiber dwelled vehicles may shed the image of prestigious Rolls Royce into some criticizing corner where it doesn’t meant to be astounded for.

New Rolls Royce
Courtesy: Edmunds

Rolls Royce launches Wraith in India for Rs. 4.6 crore ex-showroom Delhi

However, we saw the launch of Wraith in various countries around the world after its 2013 Geneva debut, now India too receives it proudly for Rs. 4.6 crore ex-showroom Delhi.

Being based on the platform of Ghost, Wraith faces 183mm shorter wheelbase, 130mm compressed overall length, and 40mm ducked height than its said sibling. These snips were done to make Wraith a perfect combination of luxury and sport, engulfed by the 624bhp V12 petrol fed engine accelerating 0-100kph in 4.4 seconds.

Most of the look is shared by the same Rolls Royce family, but the one its kind DNA of being the “fastest Rolls ever made” is making British carmaker to do the most of its cashing point in markets wherever being launched.

Added the oomph of satellite aided eight-speed ZF gearbox, a drive in the Wraith is worth enjoying the likes of some robotically operated car, which can judge the further coming twists and turns and would do the right gear shifts in advance.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

We hope so the interiors may not pose an issue for upmarket buyers, because the first timer ‘1,340 hand-woven tiny lamps into the roof lining’ is set to make the unbelievable temperament around them inside the cabin.

Well, that’s what we had been known about it for India specific, would update soon if received some of the notches later on. And lastly, it is also said that Phantom too is feeling the heat because of the build quality dwelled in this two-door sports coupe! Hope so the makers would be leveraging the cost with number of features provided.

Rolls Royce Launches India Open Innovation Programme

Announcing today the ‘India Open Innovation programme (IOiN-RR)’ Rolls Royce had bestowed we Indians an opportunity to help identify to buy or license technologies or techniques outside Rolls-Royce’s traditional areas of operation that are new and potentially beneficial to Rolls-Royce. Via IOiN-RR Indian businessman/organization are also given with a chance to leverage their solutions globally.

This challenge will testify the aspiring technology in three critical areas:

  1. Test and measurement;
  2. Repair, inspection and servicing technologies; and
  3. Novel designs and manufacture of large components and tools.

Explaining the terms, Paul Stein, Chief Scientific Officer at Rolls-Royce said, “Through this programme, we are seeking to identify technologies or techniques in industries outside of which Rolls-Royce usually operates, and in small and medium sized companies Rolls-Royce does not currently work with.”

Rolls Royce

In addition, the Rolls Royce also states, the organisations who are there in existence for minimum two years are eligible to apply. The solutions submitted by them should be beyond conceptual stage and must fling in between a successful prototype and ready for industry stage. Organisations should register their initial interest via email to FICCI ( or NASSCOM ( After an initial screening, the shortlisted applicants will be invited to register online and submit a detailed proposal.

Taking the plight further, Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls-Royce India commented, “India is home to some of the world’s most innovative small and medium sized companies. We are looking to tap into that depth of expertise and knowledge to discover new solutions that can help us advance our own products, processes and services. Rolls-Royce has an 80-year history of strong and successful partnerships and collaborations in India, and we hope to establish more partnerships of mutual benefit through this initiative.”

Rolls Royce Launches Wraith in Dubai, India Launch Soon

Rolls Royce Wraith is the fastest yet sportiest Rolls ever produced from the stable of British carmaker, which is also able to do Nürburgring with great speed in spite of being loaded with a heavy kerb of luxury on board. That’s what it makes this niche bug to stand out from the rivals of horizon. As we said ‘niche’, then it means one of the debut to also happen in the land of oil rich Sheikhs, who are the actual merchants of possessing such metal gems wisely. Rolls just got right and now it held the launching ceremony of Wraith in Dubai at AGMC, the local dealer of Rolls-Royce Motor Car in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates recently.

Commenting on the launch, Osman Abdelmoneim , General Manager , AGMC, said, “Despite being revealed for the first time today, the Wraith is already an astounding success in the UAE. Our limited allocations for 2013 are completely sold out and the order books are looking very healthy. Wraith will definitely attract a new demographic to the brand, it is a car that will appeal to a slightly younger audience, and one that will quickly establish itself as the ultimate gentleman’s gran tourismo.”

Rolls Royce Launches Wraith in Dubai
Need not to divulge more of the light on this tranquility, but we already knew, Wraith is a two door coupe tempted with the sweepy fastback design and the dramatic two-tone presentation on exteriors. Powering this coupe is a powerful V12 engine under hoods mated with a 8-speed automatic ZF transmission gearing out all the bumps at 624 bhp and 465kW of maximum torque, which turns the 0-60 mph sprint in just 4.4 seconds.

However, the organization did not revealed the exact numbers of bespoken model plate sold in UAE, but we expect a good amount of chunk to appear soon from the order books of first phase. Not much to say for this model plate on India launch, but we recently learnt that, Rolls Royce Wraith will make debut on our land by this July itself, slated if everything went right as per to the pre-launch requirements.  Moreover, RR is also considering extending the network support by a couple of new showrooms, called to be inaugurated in Indian cities of Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, whilst of the existing ones in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Rolls Royce Celebrates a decade of Phantom

Rolls Royce has something more to celebrate this New Year. Company’s Good wood assembly plant has now completed its 10 years. This is the plant that first delivered Phantom back in 2003. The Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon is the sixth generation of the legend dry Phantom brand of cars.

At the time of the launch production of Phantom was noted as “the last greatest adventure in the history of automobile”. Initially Rolls Royce made single car each day but later it was increased to 3 by the end of 2003. Currently the production stands with two car ranges; Ghost and Phantom and six models. A row of craftsman and women hand made about 20 cars each day. In 2011, Rolls Royce witnessed second consecutive sales record and the best results in the 107 year history of the company.

The incredible response to the company’s portfolio has been excitingly overwhelming and positive throughout the decade of business. Each new model has been appreciated and has attracted a lot of audiences and had grabbed tons of awards in design and luxury category. Company’s growing network has been providing effortless experience to the customers throughout the world.

Rolls Royce Celebrates a decade of Phantom

The company commenced with the workforce of about and now hires about 1400 people at the Good wood plant. More than 100 new jobs were created in the 2012 alone. The company has invested highly in the upcoming talent via its graduate, apprenticeship and internship programs. Nearly all the workers live around the plant only and a staff turnover is lowest in the industry.

Company has made significant positive impact on the local area and British economy also with over 90 percent of the cars being built for export. Investment has also been increased to the plant with the new manufacturing area coming up just in time. This will help the company to tackle increasing worldwide demands and in building highly personalized version of the Phantom and Ghost models.

CEO, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Mr. Torsten Muller-Otvos said that Rolls Royce has become the synonym for the success and company is quite proud to celebrate the decade of the automotive excellence. The revival of the world’s most famous auto brand and the development of the Rolls Royce home have proved to be an extra ordinary successful journey. He further congratulated the Rolls Royce team at its Goodwood plant and around the world for their passion and the spirit of Rolls Royce. He also added that together they can look ahead for the next decade with greater optimism and faith.