New Car Launches In January 2015

Well begun is half done; and to give 2015 a head start, a handful of automakers are lined-up with their new model rolling down the sales floor over this month.

Datsun GO+

Datsun’s second offering for India, the GO+ MPV, has been already driven by numerous media personnel, including us, and it resulted to be more of utility nature with the kink of sophistication. The claim of GO+ as a 7-seater, actually the third row can fit only children, made us to entitle it as ‘part-estate and part-MPV’. Though the design is carried over from the hatchback GO, but the designers made it to look way more as a ‘new car’ than a reworked model. With only option of 1.2-litre petrol engine under its hood, for delivering 67bhp, it can easily rival the Honda Mobilio and Maruti Ertiga bearing all the tax benefits for a car measured under 4-metres.

Datsun GO Plus

Launch: January 15.

Tata Bolt

Tata’s strategic move towards a new brand development, under the stratified banner of Horizonext, will see a Bolt hatchback rolling down the sales floor this month. For some, in fact many of us, it is a Vista with a makeover. But as per the renowned car testers, this hatchback is spacious, good on drivability and packs generous amount of features. Pre booking are underway, but unlike the Zest, there wouldn’t be any AMT gearbox on its drivetrain. Apparently, thatv maybe planned at a later stage to let the Zest makes its sales, but not in the initial period at least.

Tata Bolt

Launch: January 20.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Earlier, back a couple of years, the three million in pockets of an Indian would get him a proper Mercedes-Benz or any other German sedan, but now the entire starting-range now have shifted upwards to Rs 40 lakh bracket (talking as of on-road price in Mumbai). The leftover slot in the vicinity of Rs 25-30 lakh turned down in the immense need of getting filled with a proper replacement, which the CLA will do rightly. An effort from Audi by the means of A3 doesn’t look as good as this Merc. The raking roofline of CLA for a coupe like feel, and the elegance combined with sportiness, is what the CLA delivers apart from everyone else.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Launch: January 22.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Test Drive And Review In India

Datsun’s entry was meant to show Indians a new line of options in the already clustered yet confused market of masses’ cars. The promise was delivered quite for a few notches. Earlier, the proper hatchback, dubbed as “GO”, sold at the price of a compact car and even the so called MPV “GO+” lined up at the sales floor is about to depict the same story once again.

A chance behind the steering wheel of GO+ made the vision clearer of how that partly called MPV in the skin of ‘estate’ feels when pulled out on the road.


Honestly, GO hatchback hadn’t disappointed for that given price tag. The challenge before engineers was to make the similar promise more acceptable when added with the sheet of metal over rear pillar in GO+, and turn into a spacious model without harnessing price point very distantly. As a whole, the outcome is genius. GO+ looks a complete new car, instead not a stretched version of the hatchback. Lowering end of roof and the length compressed less than 4 meters with the raising beltline successfully cut chunk of masses. It appears pretty sizeable and adorable both with that same GO front grille inclusive of other fixtures. The flick at front bumper is appreciable to make that appearance more eye-soothing.

Datsun GO Plus MPV


Model given was the top-end but still it felt like the basic trim. An only good gimmick that happened to be there was AUX connectivity.

Other than that, the plastic and numerous cost-cutting efforts can be seen in abundance. Even the company had given manually adjustable seat belts, whereas they should have not dropped out on that which is really a concern for safety. Seats lack good thigh support and paltry padding at the back makes it to go a bit uncomfortable for long runs. Must admit, the rest of cabin is crafted to suit the price for which it is going to be offered for, and nothing exceptional.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Interiors


Despite the added weight, engine still feel that punchy to take on the roads with eagerness. The revs are pretty confident to roll on any of the given road condition in India. Even when packed to the core with all the passengers, power doesn’t feel less than the appropriate. Talking about suspensions, they are stiffened and able to handle the bumps (even when the car is packed to the fullest). Corners and other undulations are soaked up but due to improper insulations the noise filter inside the cabin. Gearshifts are savored for the light response whereas the tyres don’t offer that much of grip. Otherwise, the light steering and well-grim brakes makes the job easy further.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Test Drive And Review In India


The drive of car isn’t there to complain of. Every bit falls easy on the hand. In fact, shortcomings can be experienced at the cosmetic side of cabin. To make that very brief, it is rather not to expect a plush interior. Well, the third row is a total impractical effort for anyone to sit there. Only kids can go well with it that of the age below 5 years, otherwise one has to duck down upto the seat. It’s better to fold down the third row and use that space for the luggage, like it used to be in ‘estate’ kind of cars. Datsun GO Plus is a proper five-seater. No complaint looking down to its price tag.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Test Drive And Review In India

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Datsun GO Launched at Rs 3.12 lakh ex-showroom Delhi

Datsun is all set to turn the dreams of Indian risers to reality with the launch of its Datsun GO. Marking the start of sales of the much awaited hatchback, Datsun today announced the prices for its first model in India.

The Datsun GO range will comprise three variants and will be available at a very attractive and competitive starting price of Rs. 3.12 lakh, ex-showroom New Delhi for the base D variant. Details of the prices are as follows:

[table id=230 /]

Mr. Kenichiro Yomura, President – Nissan India Operations, said, “We are very excited to be part of history in India with the introduction of our very first model – the Datsun GO. Together, we have embarked on a long journey in one of the most complex, demanding and promising markets in the world. We are confident that the aspirational ‘Risers’ in India will identify with our product and brand.”

The Datsun GO comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years / unlimited kilometers. Buyers will also be offered an option of extended warranty for an additional 2yrs, valid for unlimited kilometers. This makes Datsun the first manufacturer to provide unlimited mileage coverage under extended warranty. The Datsun GO also promises the lowest periodic cost of maintenance amongst its key competitors.

Datsun GO

He added, “We are overwhelmed with the response and feedback received for the new Datsun GO. This is very encouraging and we thank all our customers for the appreciation and the enthusiasm shown regarding the purchase of this car. This is just the beginning but I would like to thank the sustained efforts of everyone involved for this achievement.”

The new Datsun GO will be available in 4 colours – White, Silver, Sky & Ruby. It will be retailed through a fully-branded environment within Nissan’s dealership network across the country to bring Datsun to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Datsun GO is a modern five-door, five-seat hatchback conceived to offer accessible transport to aspirational, rising Indian families. The car which premiered last July in New Delhi is designed to offer a modern driving experience combined with spaciousness, quality and fuel efficiency for a new breed of modern Indian customer who seeks a practical and value-for-money product.

Datsun GO Launched at Rs 3.12 lakh ex-showroom Delhi

Datsun GO will be offered in three variants – D, A and T. Entry-level D variant gets digital tachometer, drive computer that displays instantaneous fuel economy, average fuel economy and distance to empty, Follow-me-home headlamps, speed sensitive wipers and silver finish front radiator grille. The mid-level A variant adds an air conditioner with filter, chrome front grille, body coloured bumpers and Jacquard seat upholstery to the equation. The top of the line T variant comes with speed sensitive electric power steering, front power windows, Mobile Docking Station (MDS) with amplifier, universal mobile holder, aux-in and USB charger, front speakers, central locking and full wheel covers.

The Datsun GO heralds the introduction of the new Datsun brand to the Indian market with its brand new hatchback which has received positive reviews since its reveal last year during the Datsun World Premiere. It has also received rave reviews from all the major media testing teams and has solidified its presence and stature as a car with real potential to change current market dynamics.

Datsun GO Launch

Datsun GO Review and Test Drive

Datsun, the cost-effective brand launched by Nissan, has the first product on its launchpad “GO”. The aspiration range in gigantic numbers for the carmaker, and we are invited to find out that does it seems enough to give a tough and gutting competition to the India’s most selling and one of the top three best sellers Maruti Alto? Hopefully, the test drive session was called in the city of Hyderabad, and we found out what the engineers from Japan have clocked beneath its simple yet appealing looks. Read more here to find out, has the Datsun GO got those streaks right in the pinnacle of GO.


On the first look, Datsun GO dons simple yet basic attire. The car that was given to us was of light blue paint shade, the one that the brand is seen marketing through, which also seems to be its flagship shade. So its first impression to it was quite soothing to our eyes. It was the paintjob that we were expecting to have on our platter for the tests too. The D-shaped front grille, flanked back headlamps and three air intakes on the front panel guts us to be revealing some more interesting ferns throughout the body. Connecticut, the sides also has gone through crispy creases, which the other cars in the segment may not have parched through. Overall, the aerodynamics ranging from the headlights adjoining to the Datsun logo on bootlid is impressive from a car of this category.

Datsun GO Exteriors

The combination of tail lamps and bootlid flapping is swiftly adapted ranking it to the category of hatchback. It remains an articulated fact that Datsun GO shares most of the spaces with Micra Active, but it is never meant to be uttered that the carmaker wanted to go down the line and sell its cars, without harnessing its existing brand image, which also sells the niche brand like Infiniti in the abroad and Teana in India.


On inside, the first and the most remarkable tip that was noticed by us was the bench-type front seat. It reminded us of those good old Fiat and Ambassador days; but sitting on the driver’s seat was worth having an experience. Starting from the dashboard, it is compiled of three different colors, and three spoke steering wheel, which everywhere is been donned with the plastic. The grain quality feels of average quality – not too high or too low. The second fact that will grab the attention after the seat is ‘gearbox and hand-brake’. The gear and hand-brake sticks are clustered in the dashboard, and is the only sort to have paved way for the single-platted seat of more convenience. When asked about having such sort of seat, the carmaker replied to have been designed it keeping in mind the utility factor, which can be used for keeping maps and other objects during the drive, rather than placing them on the floor or elsewhere. The leg and shoulder room inside are the class-leading due to the extensive wheelbase of 2,450mm.

The boot space even is consisted of 297 liters, which is groped subtle with nicely pierced in depth. Luggage will not be problem for the family of four. The car on inside as well on outside is basically designed keeping in mind the first-time buyers. The value for money remains the main focus for planting up those metals in place. Just to affirm that, the Datsun had also not left behind the technological aspect of the young generation. Four AC vents, two speakers, and docking station with USB (for charging) are said to be standard on all variants. To be specific, the top-end variant will be having power windows on front, while the manuals on rear.

Datsun GO Interiors

The seat fabric is draped in equation of quality-money asked. The only disappointment that we seems was have to be taken care of is, the connectivity of smartphone to the dock with a USB wire, instead of upgrading it to the Bluetooth connectivity. But it feels quite lucrative to have even the docking station on it, because rivals are still far from the said. The wipers acts automatically on sensing the rain or water for top-end variant. Follow-me headlamp feature was also experienced.  We were informed that, the three different variants of GO will have the trimming of features in form of power windows for the mid-variant, and the power windows as well as power steering for the starting one. The other features may remain the same. And in the last, the Nissan’s sub-brand had also pleased us by placing the bottle holders in front doors, of 1.5L each, which feels of great utility after a long tiring drive. We believe, that’s enough of the aesthetic gimmicks, shall now move towards the technical ones, with the driving experience.

Ride and Handling:

Likewise its cosmetic fronts, with no disappointing feedback, the ride and handling too remain outstanding. Firstly, the car feels impressively high from the ground, when taken the charge of driving seat. And after the ignition process, that is while moving out of the parking lot, it felicitated us with the smile on our faces. All because of the shorter turning radius and the first thumbs-up from a group of ladies who were probably the college goers, peered into our car’s front to get its cute glimpse and also a snapshot from their smartphones. The thumbs-up were then followed on our test too, with some from the bikers, and also a one from an Alto owner. Talking its technical aspirations, all of them were drawn from the three cylinder 1198cc petrol engine producing 68PS @5000rpm in term with 104NM of torque @4000rpm. The top-speed that our odo clicked was the 165kmph, but some of other media friends had made to the 170kmph without a hick. Even the more power strokes were also meant to be experienced if the noises from underneath the floor wouldn’t have stopped us there. Hope so, those noises may be on the media trial vehicles only, which could be resolved in the showrooms one. The 120kmph can be attained like a child’s play. To the science behind it, we can safely utter that, the Datsun GO is altogether the same Micra Active under the skin, because of its driving feels like a “Hatchback”.

Datsun GO Engine

That additional number of speed, comparatively with the Active, was due to the reduction in weight. In the nearby tout, gearing distribution can also be held responsible for it, which was shorter in first two gears and longer in the latter two. So the city driving is lucrative, whereas the overtaking on highways may need a downshift depending upon driving conditions.

The suspensions were of subtle inputs. Bad roads to an extent lent us some unsettled bumps, but the regular tarmacs haven’t impacted the noise to leak. It remains undoubted the GO has a lot of body roll. But it can be handled upto an extent on its 13-inch wheels wrapped with the 155/70R13 tubeless tyres.


The Datsun GO is altogether a winner on the hand, which is needed to be supplemented by the outstanding network of service and repairs. We believe, it is going t change to scenario for Maruti and others who were ruling the roost for many years. The fuel economy that ARAI has claimed is of 20.6kmpl, and so our mix-drive of city and highway made a progress of something near to 17-18kmpl, which is almost somewhere near to its rivals. But the charm that it seems to have retained with it is the low pricing of spare parts so as to encourage many of the first-time car buyers. Expected to be launched in the category of sub Rs 4 lakh (ex-showroom) it has no rivals coming near to it in the vicinity of glazing accomplishments. And if proved successful, then the hatchback-derived A+ segment car of Datsun will definitely make way for the Nissan cars and also the MPV GO+. So guys, we say, don’t wait, GO and test drive once when it will be launched. It is worth doing that, trust us, especially the first-time car buyers.

Rating: 9/10

Datsun GO Review

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Datsun GO enters production as Renault prepares it for launch in India

Serial production of Datsun Go has been started at the Renault-Nissan’s factory. The facility of the company is located at Oragadam. It is seen that Datsun is planning for a wide range of value centric cars and is expected to have a flamboyant show at the Auto Expo. The Datsun Go will be displayed at the 2014 Auto Expo that is scheduled to be held in Noida.

This new low cost hatchback car will be one of the first cars that the company will display in India. It is expected to be launched by March 2014, soon after which the deliveries of the car will also begin. It is also said that the company will start taking bookings for the car from this month itself.

Slightly different from the 1.2-litre HR12DE, 3-cylinder engine, which powers the Micra Active, the Datsun Go will initially be powered a the 1.2-litre petrol engine. In order to maximize the space in the front of the car, Nissan has decided that they will mount the gearbox on the dashboard of the Datsun Go. The Go will be followed by two more products from Nissan, a hatchback and the Datsun Go +MPV.

Datsun GO enters production as Renault prepares it for launch in India

All three cars that will be launched in the future are going to be built at the Renault-Nissan’s joint manufacturing facility. Looking at the strength of Nissan in the export market, though currently the Datsun Go will be available for sale only in the Indian market, the company might plan of exporting it later on.

New Car Launches in 2014: Hatchbacks

Due to the tremendous demand in compact SUV segment, the hatchbacks seem to have taken a backseat in 2013. However, it remains an undiluted fact that vehicles which are sold in numbers on Indian shores are not the SUVs or compact sedans, but it is the hatchback that entices roost of all first-time car buyers. Here we took a glimpse of what is stored for the audience in 2014, who are looking to buy their first family car in the year. Some interesting facts have been revealed that the automakers wants to go small despite having a renowned brand in the industry for premium vehicles.

Datsun GO:

Datsun means ‘rising sun’ in Japanese, and so its aspirations are meant to meet the same at sales floor. Did the unveiling of hatchback GO in India, it seems the Nissan Motor Company held brand have extensive expectations from our shores. Hatchback GO will be rolled out in petrol engine initially, while plans for diesel engine doesn’t seems to be finding a place in the list any time sooner. Pricing will be hopefully concluded under Rs. 4 lakh only.

Datsun GO

New Honda Jazz:

New Jazz of Honda was launched in South East Asian countries during the recent months, and no to its exception it did well there, being sold for sumptuous numbers in a very short span of time, just like the Honda Amaze did in our nation. Honda has gotten aggressive for the automotive market of India; hence confirmation of launching the City in diesel variant has said it so far. The expectations, or can be said a sort of confirmation, is delivered to us by unofficial sources for the Japanese to be betting on the new Jazz for India in the hatchback category. Hatchbacks has remained one of most prominent option car buyers in India, and so avoiding a diesel from the list of new Jazz had proven a big mistake for Japanese in the past, which they aren’t seems in the mood to commit a one for now.

New Honda Jazz

Chevrolet Beat Facelift:

Chevrolet Beat launched in India during early days of 2010, while the diesel variant of it was rolled out to us in July 2011. The diesel variant though wasn’t that finished technically to counter Fiat’s 1.3L Multijet under the hoods of Marutis and others, but it remained a strong contender to a number of badges in the portfolio. In the elapsing process of time, when compact cars and hatchbacks start separating from each other with the reason of space, size and price tags, the Beat emerged from the compact car category. And till now, until the Hyundai launched i10 Grand in 1.1L diesel, it has boosted its market share with the mini-rocket-type looks and sophisticated yet the hereditary bowtie logo on front grille. Since three years in business, the Beat now feels slightly outdated looking at the models of Hyundai and upcoming Marutis. So for the better competition, the American carmaker is heard to be making a facelift version of it, which may result out to the audience in 2014.

Chevrolet Beat Facelift

Tata Nano Diesel:

Tata Nano diesel is worth waiting for. An exceptional diesel engine of 800cc returning output something near to 30-35kmpl will defiantly take up its sales by storm. However, a number of test mules were spotted testing in diesel variant on Indian roads. It is speculated that Tata Motors may launch the vehicle in 2014, because other of its variant namely Nano CNG is out in 2013. The diesel was on thorough test, confirmed one of the Tata executive at some press conference. Indian carmaker doesn’t wants to take any chance with the Nano diesel, so it means the world’s cheapest car will definitely going to take up its rivals with smallest oil burners in the category.

Tata Nano Diesel

Tata Falcon 4:

Tata Falcon 4 is nothing new from the Tata’s stable. Hence, to conclude it in layman’s language, it can be uttered as the replacement of ‘Vista D90’. The Fiat’s 1.3L Multijet diesel engine is allowed to perform its duty under the hoods of Falcon. It can take that, some astonishing designing cues from Tata’s designing department of Europe and some wobbling numbers horses running will be the new leap for Indian carmaker. The 1.2L petrol version of said is also claimed to be producing near to 100bhp.

Tata Falcon 4

Next-Generation Maruti A-Star

Maruti doped on the sales of A-Star compared to its expectations. But it wanted to take on the league of the segment seriously, so the launch of next-gen A-Star is the next chance for Indian carmaker to do it so. Spied a lot of times in Europe as well as in India, we expect that it may pose as an extended version of Alto, as the designing cues reclaims that, just like what the Hyundai did with i10 Grand. In fact, the new A-Star is needed to be a lot competitive for taking up a stand against Grand. It’s because the Koreans have sent their warfare in the most acclaimed piece of metal, with some first of kind features of the segment. Losing an avenue to it, may again lead to some doping numbers for Maruti. And very importantly, the news can be confirmed that Maruti may be thinking of launching a small capacity diesel engine, which seems to have remained a favourite with Indians in the i10 Grand worth of 1.1L.

Next-Generation Maruti A-Star

Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift:

Maruti Suzuki Swift facelift is the hero of this whole countdown. Swift was launched in India during 2005 and since it went only with one major cosmetic change, which it received recently. Looking at its competition, the Hyundai i20 and its likes, it has exaggerated the competition aggressively with daytime running LEDs and such. However, just some months back Suzuki unveiled the new Swift in Europe. We expect India will not be made an exception because approximately 40% of the Swift’s global sales recounts from our nation itself. So delighting Indians with the new Swift is of utmost importance for the carmaker like Suzuki. The year 2014 pose a subtle platform to go the new Swift way in the locals, it can be betted that even some of the elder siblings of segment. We wanted to know how extreme the new Swift can go in the environment when the famous Japanese new Honda Jazz will also be available that too with the diesel engine.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift

Datsun GO to be valued under Rs.4 lakh

Nissan division, Datsun has unveiled the GO hatchback internationally, as part of the product’s revivification.

The vehicle will be officially introduced by the coming year with a cost label of below Rs four lakh at the Indian Automobile Expo.

Got a name after the firm’s initial model, the Datsun Go, the small vehicle will challenge the other popular vehicles such as Tata Nano, Hyundai Eon, Maruti Suzuki Alto K10, and the most popular Chevrolet Beat and the recently rolled out sib, the Nissan Micra Active.

The vehicle will be locally made in Oragadam based facility and will also be available in the Indonesian, Russian as well as South African markets by next year.

Nissan Datsun GO
Datsun stated that the latest model will be independently made for diverse zones while following the similar design idea.

The Go is a 5-door vehicle, which gets power through 1.2-litre petrol mill from the Micra, which fabricates 76PS as well as 104Nm of torque. Power gets transported to the front wheels through a 5 speed manual gear case.

We are not surprised with the announcement by Datsun, as this model will slot below the Micra Active that has a tag price of Rs 3.5 lakh. While the actual pricing will be available only close to launch date, check out the below video for more details of exterior and interiors.