Ford Endeavour is Big Daddy’s Lad: Used Car Review

At the time when it was launched almost a decade back, Ford Endeavour was the only full sized SUV in its range, giving a big blow to all the competitors at a very single stance. But at the time before its launch, Ford was dwindling on the very serious note, wasn’t having sufficient numbers in the sales report to show at headquarters in US for continuing their operations here for more days. Meanwhile, the launch of Endeavour happened and then things starts falling into the place properly one after the other. Grueling the looks of true American on the front grille, it brought in a large number of footfalls to the dealerships. We can safely term that, Ford had turned down the scenario of SUV industry upside down when it rolled this SUV from its sleeve on Indian shores. Post the roll-out till quite long, we hadn’t seen the American carmaker had assorted any of the famous personality for its endorsement, and even they weren’t also flushing out huge balances to the advertisement notes. Later on as the days passes by, it then started losing market shares, competitors initiated to barge in the respective segment of the SUV plethora, and the automaker too felt the need to change the technicalities for a better standing in the fraternity. The day we still remember, at one point of time, finally the Blue Oval carmaker had rolled in Bollywood Actor Suniel Shetty for SUV endorsements, all thanks to his muscular physique and the brawny appearance, clearly resembling the Endeavour in its true flavor. But one thing that we had noted for this bug was, it’s best buddy were the rich spoilt lads, which in layman’s language sounds, high maintenance and running cost. Given down with the international looks, that flair of extravagant maintenance and running cost was tended to be understood without any bargains.

Ford Endeavour

Before springing out to buy a one, let’s clear the clutter that drives power under the bonnet of this full sized SUV. Basically it was launched almost a decade before from today, but it still retains all the charms that one may not get in the price band of a new hatchback. The latest and recent model is not peculiar to this bespoken range but the previous editions may fall perfect in the category of boot-chopped bugs. However, its not be said that sibling of Toyota Fortuner can be bought in the pocket size of a hatchback if preferred Endeavour in the used segment, but it furs quite up to those expectations itself. The first version i.e. before 2007 boasts a 2.5L diesel jag, the makers then fiddled it with some sort of up gradations in 2007. Then in 2008 the 3.0L diesel was introduced for it which then again went under the knife in 2009 to get the automatic gearbox assimilated. Here in the price range of hatchback, one can get the 2.5L of model before 2009 and the one introduced after 2007. Specifically, the desired vehicle should be of the year between 2007-2009, not down or up than that. It too had a reason for preferring this particular plethora, because the engines before 2007 were not given with the injection and all. That 2.5L engine was optimizing only the average performance with the ‘conventional’ 2.5 liter displacement. Hence, no enjoyment of driving it with the flamboyant SUV looks just on the outer crisp. On the other side of flip, the model given after 2009 are bestowed with the 3.0L diesel employed with the automatic gearbox. If one lifts his foot from the accelerator then braking mechanism comes into force, and as an outcome the vehicle goes into the neutral mode automatically.

Coming to the exact point now, Ford Endeavour absorbs in whatever is thrown to it. Ride quality is also very decent, but if one compares it with the new comers of market then there are lacking too. Hopefully, it can be managed, not so big issue if you look into bracket of price asked. And yeah, the trump card is here, it is made available in both the version i.e. 4×2 as well as 4×4. The chassis that pins it underneath bolts down an old school feel which is called ladder frame. Due to it, the space at rear seats gets coughed up and the floor sits up than usual, making to feel a bit tad in rear seats for the persons with a tall personality. Short heighted will not face that fructification. Front seats are the comfortable place to be in. Comfortable seating positions, adjustable height on all variants and a decent amount of back support gives you a good feeling than the rear.

The vehicles that falls in our prescribed criteria possibly would be ticking out more than 1,00,000 kms on odometer. Very less of them tend to fall in the lesser ratings, but that is a tough job to find a one like that. Though if you still don the 0.1 million figures on dials, then make sure you had checked the turbocharger. In most of the cases, it happens turbocharger go out of order while running this much digits. Otherwise, be ready to shell out Rs. 62,000 for the replacement. The telltale signs like black smoke form exhaust, poor pickup and falling mileage are the secrets to rip off the actual condition of turbo. And as usual, other than this, the electrical issues had also been brought to our notice. Most probably frayed wirings create fuss for us. Malfunction light on instrument cluster, and some other minor issues also pelts up due to it, which may sound unnoticeable on looking at them but they are the ones that creates big trouble at times when not needed.  Replacement of the whole wiring will cost you a sum of Rs. 35,000 – 40,000. Then thinking of replacing the battery, make sure the ones that you are going to fit in your car is approved by Ford, otherwise you will get yourself in one-on-one position with things like sensor failure and the delayed relays on applications that runs solely on battery.

The next big thing that this bonk need to be checked precisely is by the clutch plate. The new ones costs Rs. 60,000 and to make a check for same, dab the paddle and if it feels stiff than usual then there is something fishy under its nose. It should be checked very often as the vehicle surpasses 50,000 kms of voyage. It is a common problem to arise after this much clocking. The next, but not that big, stratification is the suspension. If the rattle type sound is heard from rear suspension then it means definitely needed new leaf springs to shut down the disturbing sound. It costs Rs. 20,000 whereas the lower ball joint hovers for Rs. 13,600 and the front shock absorbers are for Rs. 9,300, tempting a lower arm at Rs. 17,000.

The above mentioned giggles are the core technical ones, but the following ones are a day to day running expense. The engine oil is arisen for Rs. 2,030 and the oil filter for Rs. 375. The air filter will ask you for the change of Rs. 1,485 but fuel filter will pull out Rs. 1,879 from your pocket. All that needs the service of a person for doing things properly, so be ready to pay him Rs. 2,470 for the service driven.

Engine oils and filter remain safe inside the bonnet when once fitted properly, but what about the outer clamps which are always prone to accidents and all. We say, they are the actual cost-drivers that stretch our monthly budget to the double digit of calculated figures. Hence on Ford Endeavour, a wing mirror is just fetched for Rs. 16,000 whereas the single head lamp will trim off yours Rs. 13,600 from the pocket. Tail lamp is a bit settled, it costs only Rs. 6,990 and if by chance you felt to replace alloys then the service center will ask you for not less than Rs. 17,000. Wait, the show stealer is still left, and that is none other than the rear spare wheel cover, which costs a whopping Rs. 26,000. The clocked odometer of 1,00,000 kms also needs a replacement of timing belt, but don’t worry it is only for Rs. 1,400 whereas the tensioner grim in for Rs. 6,800.

The efficient thing about the Endeavour is its ‘fuel economy’, because in spite of being this much big, it returns 9 and 12 kmpl in city and highway respectively under the guise of manual transmission. Yet the automatic transmission also pumps out better ones i.e. 7-10 kmpl from the city to highway rage. Making a note here, we just need to confirm that these above mentioned figures are clocked by us and it differs from vehicles to vehicles, their makes and the condition. To be true, two similar vehicle of same make may not deliver the same output, because the drivers behind the seats are far different than each other on various terms.

Making a clear cut division for you to understand, 3.0L capacity is available in the 4×4 automatic transmission whilst of the 2.5L in the 4×2 manual transmission. We say you to go for the manual transmission because that’s better than the other option available.

However, this product of Blue Oval is a costly affair but we say the ‘drive’ and other bits had enticed us the most. We too even neglected the maintenance cost when saw the performance at the price of a hatchback!

Fiat India plans to grab one percent of market share by the end of 2013

Currently Fiat has a market share of about 0.3 percent in India with a total sale of about 203 units. These low figures are not due to the underperformance of the Fiat brand in India, but due to the total negligence in service and marketing efforts from the company. Managing Director for Fiat India, Enrico Atanasio admits the mistake the brand has made, which reflects in the current sale figures.

Although Fiat is doing great by providing engines for about 75 percent of the total cars sold in India, but when it comes to their own passenger vehicles such as Linea and Punto, they are selling much below expected numbers. Other important car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and General Motors are already using Fiat sourced engines on their popular cars such as Swift Dzire, Indigo Manza and Chevrolet sail sedan. On April 1st 2013, Fiat is planning to bring its fully owned dealership number to 57 across the country with an aim to attract more buyers towards the brand.

Fiat India plans to grab one percent of market share by the end of 2013
Company is further looking towards the fastest growing segments like SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) along with the sports cars. It has also decided not to expand itself more in the already crowded small car segment. In association with Chrysler, Fiat will be bringing in various Jeep models in the Indian market this year and it may also consider in bringing out small version of Jeep by 2015. It is further trying to target the higher end of the market with vehicles like the sporty variant of Fiat 500 and Abarth. A crossover based on Punto hatchback can also be seen making an entry into the market. In addition to all that it is also expected that company will be revealing facelift versions of Punto and Linea on 3rd of April. Managing Director of the leading automotive consulting firm IHS Automotive, Mr. Deepesh Rathore said that Fiat is now focusing on bringing in new products in the market to define its new niche. It will be difficult to tell customers that Fiat is quite different from the image they have in their mind.

Well the road ahead is quite difficult, but looking at the figures that the Indian automotive market may grow from 2.6 million vehicles annually to 6.9 million vehicles by 2017, it seems good enough.

Ford Endeavour price expected to increase

After the hiked excise duty on SUVs, the American Auto Major Ford, has said it is going to hike the price of its Flagship Endeavour SUV. The government has proposed to raise the excise duty from 27% to 30% during the union budget 2013.

Unveiling the new compact SUV, Eco sport in Mumbai, Joginder Singh, Ford India President and Managing Director said the price of the Endeavour will get an impact cause of the hike.

However, the new EcoSport might not be getting an impact on its price. According to Mr. Singh, the company will try its best not to let the prices get affected.

Ford Endeavour

After unveiling the new EcoSport in Mumbai, Ford intends to showcase the vehicle in eleven cities including Delhi. Going deeper into the campaign of its largest product, Ford gave with Ecosport first of a kind test drive chance to a hundred consumers to share the experience with friends and family.

These 100 consumers will be chosen by a panel of jury who will evaluate the registration on basis of quality of content and votes. The experimental drive shall begin in May 2013.

Ford India has lined-up the EcoSport with 4-trims that will give customers the choice of 3-engine option with either manual or automatic transmission option in petrol.

Ford for the 1st time has offered its SUV with its very own award winner 1.0 litre EcoBoost turrbocharged engine. The EcoSport will also be the first to have a voice enabled system known as SYNC, which has been co-developed with Microsoft.

NatGeo and Ford India Launches MyEndeavour Alterrain Series

Ford Endeavour is really a rugged vehicle that needs no introduction but if someone likes to put an exclamation to it, there is no stopping for them. It fills all the excitement to core and would still tend for more cravings.

The much known personalities namely writer Chetan Bhagat, actor Rajeev Khandelwal, director Nagesh Kukonoor, boxing champion Vijendar Singh and actress Gul Panag will go on an expedition in the newly launched Ford Endeavour Alterrain Edition through the whole of India, under the light of their driving dreams.

Their thrilling journey to be telecast on National Geographic Channel starting from this May, scheduled at once a week with dual repeat telecast in the same duration of 7 days.

Ford Endeavour
The dreams of the biggies are not so normal just their work, which are most probably tagged as ‘supernatural’. Ford is very much confident about the Endeavour’s victory on such virtual. Nagesh Kukonoor speaks of his unfinished journey that had taken off in 1995, now to be completed on this one, and is also a concept for his next film. Boxing champion Vijendar Singh shares his emotions for Jawans on Indo-Pak border being positioned in Rajasthan territory.

Chetan Bhagat wants to go a bit off the beaten path, has a desire to meet the only African tribe in Indian context living in Junagarh of Gujarat. A ride from Goa to Hampi and explorations of coastal Karnataka is on the wishlist of beautiful actress Gul Panag. Rajeev Khandelwal stands out with his camping ideas being stationed at Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

The new top brass of Ford’s Marketing Sales and Services Mr. Vinay Piparsania said, “Ford has found a fitting partner in National Geographic Channel to present MyEndeavour alterrain. Real people and their real experiences have been synonymous with both Ford India and National Geographic Channel and the viewers of this show would be able to relate to that spirit of adventure when they will see these motivated individuals drive to their calling in the dependable Endeavour Alterrain Edition.”

As per to Piparsania, refreshed SUV does provide fuel efficiency along with versatile and practical looks, added by more muscles and triceps. It ravels less discovered paths and destinations easily, allowing one to chill out from the busy hectic schedule.

Best SUV’S in the Indian Market

SUV or a Sports Utility Vehicle is a dream possession for passionate people behind the wheels. These vehicles are generally utilised in places which have limited paved roads and require the vehicle to have all-terrain handling, increased range and store capacity. It is usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on or off road ability, and with some pretension or ability to be used as an off-road vehicle.

Skoda Yeti

The all new SUV Skoda Yeti would come with extra ordinary features. With a price tag approximately between 12-15 lakhs, the Skoda Yeti would have both petrol and diesel engine as well. The petrol engine variants will be available with two different capacity engines – the 1.2L, 1197cc, turbo-charged, DOHC petrol engine capable of producing 104.7 PS at 5000 rpm. The 1.8L, 1798cc with six speed manual transmission gearbox and with 4WD (four wheel drive) capable of producing maximum power of 160 PS at 4500-6200rpm with the maximum torque of 250Nm at 1500-4500rpm.

The 2.01L, 1968cc Turbo-charged diesel engine with five speed manual transmission gearbox produces maximum power of 110PS at 4200rpm with250Nm of maximum speed at 1500-2500rpm.

Skoda Yeti in India

Toyota Fortuner

The new Toyota Fortuner is yet another best SUV in the Indian market. The premium and the spacious interiors of Fortuner are a delight to watch. This bold SUV under the bonnet is 3.01L mammoth diesel power train that is available with 4X2 and 4X4 mechanism. This 2982cc engine churns out the maximum power of 168 bhp at 3600rpm and a meaty torque of 343Nm at 1400-3400rpm. The entertainment system comprises of touch screen DVD audio system with Bluetooth interface and also audio controls available on the steering.

Toyota Fortuner in India

Ford Endeavour

While the SUV Ford Endeavour has a close resemblance to Ford explorer running on American roads. The exteriors of Endeavour include new headlamps, chrome radiator grille, silver roof rails, and a lot more innovative features making the SUV more demanding. It is loaded with a 2.5L and 3.0L diesel power plant. Endeavour’s 2.5L engine returns the same mileage as fortuner and the 3.0L engine runs 9 kmpl in city and 12 kmpl on highway. It can yield 156 PS of power at 3200rpm along with 380Nm of torque at 2500rpm.

Ford Endeavour in India

Mitsubishi Pajero

Pajero diesel engine is another high quality SUV manufactured by the world leading Japanese automobile manufacturer company, Mitsubishi. It is an extremely secure car and has in use all the actions to create the car additional safer and simple to go trip. The security and safety features include defiant bold braking system, 3 tip seat belts, surface crash bars, millimetre, anti-trapping, authority windows, disk brakes etc. It has a revising camera and lavish and spacious interiors. It is available in two kinds of version -3.2L and 3.8L diesel engine with a power of 147 KW, 441Nm of torque and 184 KW, 329Nm of torque respectively.

Mitsubishi Pajero in India

Renault Duster

Renault Duster has been launched with both petrol and diesel variants for the Indian market. The two engines include 1.6L petrol that pushes a decent power of 105 PS and the other one is the 1.5L diesel engines that poops out 110 PS power and a peak torque of 240Nm. The expected price of Renault Duster is 23 lakh.

Renault Duster in India


Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio, which is available in two capacity engine option one with 2.2L diesel engine producing 120bhp of maximum power at 4000rpm.  A 2.6L engine producing 115Bhp of power at 3800rpm and 277.52Nm of maximum torque is commendable.  It is known for its rugged looks and style. Scorpio is quite a safe car with crash protecting crumple zones and child locks, tubeless tyres, collapsible steering column and side intrusion beams, fire resistant upholstery and voice assist system.

Mahindra Scorpio in India

Latest Ford Endeavour gears up to compete with Toyota Fortuner

Ever since the Toyota Fortuner has stepped into the Indian auto market, the Ford Endeavour seems to have lost out to a certain extent on its popularity. However, with the latest Ford Endeavour all set to come to the party, this scenario is likely to change again. The auto manufacturer is in the process of lending the final touches to the latest version of the Endeavour, which is popularly known in many markets as the Everest. It seems that Ford is concerting its total efforts to ensure that the vehicle becomes a legend in its segment.

The first major change that is noticeable is its completely different looking exteriors, with the Endeavour shedding its old boxy and upright look. This has been replaced with a toned and muscular built, which definitely offers you a more sophisticated and contemporary look. A rugged nature is exhibited by its new grille and it now seems that the vehicle can go through any barriers without hurting its body a bit. To get this new design in place, Ford has borrowed a lot of inspiration from the designing of its ‘light trucks’ that successfully operate in the United States.

Latest Ford Endeavour gears up to compete with Toyota Fortuner

What lends even more freshness to the SUV is the fact that the vehicle has been provided with enhanced interiors, in terms of space. According to the car maker, it had strived towards achieving a rugged but technically proficient design for its interiors. The same is actually reflected in the car with a lot of robust looking but modern applications. The insides have been given the toughness to withstand any powerful attacks and the central console has been also provided with a great degree of protection. Simplicity has been the core decisive factor in designing the instrument panel as well as the steering wheel. Improvements in seating arrangements have been provided for all the passengers seating in both the second row as well as the third row. Ample amount of space has been provided in the seats along with extended legroom. Enhancement in size of the glove box means that it has the capacity to even store a normal sized laptop. The car manufacturer has also ensured that a lot of detailing has gone into providing adequate space for all the electronic gadgets that are used in the technology driven times of today.

Toyota Fortuner in India

The changes in the Endeavour have not been restricted to it’s outwardly features only. The ladder chassis comes all new and stiffer. A lot of electronic aids have been provided to help in driving. The vehicle also sports two latest engines, as well. The present 2.5L diesel engine is going to be replaced by a 2.2L 148Bhp smaller capacity engine. People who are addicted to the Torque component will be satiated by the latest 3.2L inline 5-cylinder, which generates peak power 198Bhp with 48kgm torque.

All that can be finally said is that the latest Ford Endeavour SUV comes in an exciting avatar with the capacity to shake up the market.

Mahindra XUV500 vs. Ford Endeavour

As per trade reports based on the initial bookings, it seems that the Mahindra XUV500 is scoring big with the buyers in the market. With more than 8,000 vehicles booked within the first week of launch, Mahindra was forced to stop accepting fresh orders for quite some time. The reason for its popularity seems to be the notion that it is a better value for money compared to the more expensive SUVs. This article attempts to find out whether the Mahindra XUV500 has in it the capability to challenge a bigger, more powerful SUV like Ford Endeavour 4X2AT.

Driving and Handling:

The Mahindra XUV500 is much smaller than the Ford Endeavour, but at the same time, it is lighter consequently more agile than the latter. The Mahindra XUV500 is powered by 2.2 litre common-rail diesel engines that get a power of 140 bhp and a torque of 330 Nm; this mated to front wheel driving by six-speed manual transmission.

Ford Endeavour in India

In comparison, the Endeavour has a 3-litre diesel engine with power of 155 bhp and 380Nm torque with five-speed automatic transmission. Though the Mahindra XUV500 has lesser power, it feels faster. The XUV feels lesser body roll at corners and its braking is better too. However, the Endeavour is equipped to handle rougher patches of road better.

Verdict: In aspects of driving and handling, the Mahindra XUV500 scores better.

Mahindra XUV500 in India


The Ford Endeavour is a traditional well-built SUV with full body-on-frame construction and straightforward lines. There is an aggressiveness in the design and higher ground clearance inculcates an aggressive stance too. The Mahindra XUV500 thought compact in design relies mostly on design cues for aggression. Fitments and finishing is good enough in the XUV and both feel luxurious inside.

Verdict: Looks being subjective to judge, this aspect is best left to consumers to decide upon, based on their individual preferences.

Space and Comfort:

The Ford Endeavour scores significantly over the Mahindra XUV500 in the spacing criteria. In the Indian SUV segment, the Endeavour, at 5 meters plus length, is the longest; which means better legroom across three rows, with enough luggage space. The XUV’s first two rows are quite comfortable and spacious, but its third row is very cramped and when all three rows are in use, luggage space becomes non-existent. The independent all-wheel suspension of the XUV provides superb highway comfort and handling. However, on bends, the XUV discomforts rear passengers, which the Endeavour does not.

Ford Endeavour interior

Verdict: The Endeavour is more spacious and slightly more comfortable than the XUV 500.

Features: The Mahindra XUV500 far exceeds the Ford Endeavour in terms of features available. The W8 variant has all-round-disc brakes, six air bags; and loaded with much more safety features than the Ford Endeavour. Again, when one talks about the features of convenience, the XUV500 with its chilled storage box, touch-screen-navigation system, Bluetooth, voice commands and the likes are certain features it has in add on over the Endeavour.

Mahindra XUV500 in India Ford Endeavour in India

Verdict: The Mahindra XUV500 is a clear winner in this criterion.

Price, Mileage and overall monetary value: The range of features the Mahindra XUV500 offers could make it face a much higher pricing than it has been actually priced at. At Rs.11.95 lakh, it is cheaper by Rs.6.3 lakh from the Endeavour which costs Rs.18.29 lakh.

The Mahindra XUV500 has higher mileage too. Endeavour claims a mileage of 10.7kmpl whereas XUV500 claimed 15.1kmpl.

Mahindra XUV500 interior

Verdict: Based on the above criteria, the Mahindra XUV500 offers much better return for money compared to the Endeavour.

The Final Verdict: The Endeavour, a traditional old-school SUV, is more spacious and comfortable; also being automatic, it satisfies the needs of driving with ease. The Mahindra XUV500 would seem a good deal, for its car-like handling, features offered as well as in terms of savings.

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour vs Mitsubishi Pajero


This comparison should have been done long back when the Toyota Fortuner set its foot on the Indian soil however due to some unforeseen oversight, this was never done. I firmly believe that its never too late to compare the cars or in this case hardcore SUVs. Most of the times, when we see a SUV in our rear view mirrors, we involuntarily allow it to go ahead. I believe it has got to do with this notion that if we don’t give it the right of the road, then probably the SUV may end up tailgating us or worse hammer away our small hatchback to pieces. Such is the mentality. While US or Europe may boast of the big bad Hummers (they are no longer in mass production now), we at India have to be content with the likes of the Mercedes GL or Land Rovers. Am I missing something here? Oh yes, the protagonists of this plot, the Toyota Fortuner in India and the Ford Endeavour in India. Both these SUVs are the best in their class and provide the much needed “shadow effect” that SUVs this size are supposed to. I had earlier compared the Fortuner with the Santa Fe and now it was the time for the Fortuner to be stacked against the mighty Endeavour and also the long forgotten but very capable Mitsubishi Pajero in India. The latter has been the favorite of film stars and personalities alike from the time, the Fortuner and the Endeavour were in conceptualization stages.


In this department the more the intimidating, the more the prettier. Out here, the Fortuner feels the more intimidating with its raised on stilts look far more extendable than the car like one of the Endeavour. The air intake scoop on the bonnet of the Fortuner signifies its sportiness whereas the Endeavour gets a plain unit and a brick shaped bonnet. While the Ford Endeavour in India is more about looking like a bread box, the Toyota Fortuner in India is the more rounded design. The bonnet scoop on the Pajero looks a bit ancient like the rest of the car and it is as brick like as the Ford Endeavour. The Mitsubishi Pajero in India however has the dual tone color which the other lack and for some it may seem gawdy but for me, it looked fantastic. Mitsubishi have chosen to take this path since they firmly believe that this would mask the ageing design of this SUV. The wheel size also differs in each SUV here. While the Toyota Fortuner has got 17 inchers, the Ford Endeavour and the Mitsubishi Pajero are available with 16 inch and 15 inch tyres respectively. The Pajero’s dated looks are evident even from the rear side with no LED gimmick or even clear lens thing. The Ford Endeavour’s Christmas tree tail lamps also look a bit old however they are far better than the one in the Pajero. The Toyota Fortuner has a more car like split tail lamp configuration. However it seems that the Toyota designers actually forgot the rear end of this car and had exhausted all their resources on the front end of the car.

Based on the looks front, it would be the Toyota Fortuner which overall comes out in trumps. Next up would be the Mitsubishi Pajero and then the Ford Endeavour.


Not only does the Pajero look dated (with an old world charm), it also feels the same from inside. The meter dials wouldn’t look out of place in a 1970s BMW car with its all analogue instrument cluster. The 4 spoked steering wheel also looks ancient and more truck like. Liberal use of fake wood has been done to spruce up the cabin which otherwise looks Spartan. However the high set seats are comfortable to say the least. However the middle row and third row seat passengers would have a hard time with the lack of leg space. 427 liters of boot space is more than enough for a few trips to the malls. The Ford Endeavour in India has got a huge and spacious cabin. Its cabin doesn’t look ancient like the one in the Pajero. The 4 spokes in the steering wheel are nicely spaced out. The use of black plastic for the upper half of the dashboard and beige for the lower part does impart a luxury feel. There is a touch screen audio system along with a navigation system. Space in the front is more than ample and the middle row of seat is also comfortable. The rearmost seats however are a disappointment but not much as in the league of the Mitsubishi Pajero in India. Boot space is less than that of the Pajero at 363 liters. The Toyota Fortuner in India has got smaller meter dials than the Endeavour however these are legible as well. The steering wheel is a 4 spoke unit and the only one in this comparison to come with steering mounted audio controls. The use of beige lightens up the cabin as it seems a bit claustrophobic due to the high set seats and the less glass area. In typical Toyota fashion, wood trim is used on the door pads and for placing the power goodie controls. But then the Innova which is available for a good Rs 10 lakhs less has got similar interiors. Comfort is the other name which the Fortuner’s middle row is known by. It is the most comfortable of the threesome (don’t get any wrong ideas) here. The rear in the meanwhile can hold people south of 6 feet only. Boot space of 960 liters can be achieved via flipping the rear seats. Automatic climate control is part of the package for both the Fortuner and the Endeavour.

In this section, it is the Ford Endeavour which wins purely due to its equipment levels and the amount of space and comfort that it provides. The Fortuner follows it and needless to say, the Pajero is the last one out.

Ride and Handling

The Toyota Fortuner is based on the IMV platform on which even the Innova is based upon. The suspension of the Toyota is a bit on the harder side and hence it smothers everything in its path. However this is achieved when the SUV is fully loaded. If its just the driver and the vehicle, then under harsh braking, the car tends to pogo a bit. The handling is okay, mainly due to the permanent all wheel drive system coming into picture. However going around corners isn’t its forte as waddling around in slush is. Presence of parking sensors makes it easy to pilot this SUV around in town. The steering wheel however could have done with a lot more feedback. The Ford Endeavour has a top heavy experience going for it while the entire SUV tends to shrink around the driver when attacking a corner. The ride quality with leaf springs ain’t too bad either but then the Toyota feels a little more compliant over bumps. The Pajero is a front wheel driven vehicle but has a wide array of off-roading aids going for it. Low speed ride quality is the Pajero’s forte while higher speed sees the Pajero getting a bit nervous when it comes in contact with bumps. The Pajero is more of a mountain goat and has got limited slip differential locks, hill descent control and a 4×4 mode along with low ratio ensures that the Pajero reaches a certain place where the Fortuner and Endeavour can only dream about. As far as off-roading is concerned, there is no holding a candle to the Pajero but then it’s a tough fight between the Endeavour and the Toyota for the second and third spot. The 4×4 option in both vehicles does work well however the Toyota’s taller ground clearance and a bit more of engine power at lower revs ensure that it comes out on top of the Endeavour. As far as NVH is concerned, the Pajero is the one which is the most vocal of the lot followed by the Fortuner and then the Endeavour.

Overall, this is the territory of the Mitsubishi Pajero followed by the Endeavour and then the Fortuner. If its was off-roading, then the Pajero, Fortuner and the Endeavour would be picked up for their abilities.

Engine, performance and fuel efficiency

The Mitsubishi Pajero in India has got the latest engine upgrade. The ever tightening emissions norms mean that the 2.8L 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled diesel engine now makes 108 Bhp of power and an even lower 260 Nm of torque. It is aligned to a 5 speed manual with long throws. Needless to say, the Pajero feels the sluggish of the lot, now moreso with the reduced power output and torque. The 0-100 kmph run was completed in a leisurely 17.8 seconds with the SUV topping out on a max speed of 156 kmph. Unfortunately rear discs are still missing and hence the Pajero recorded the highest braking distance when the brakes were slammed at a speed of 100 kmph. The SUV may be old school however Mitsubishi have kitted it with modern braking aids like traction control, EBD and ABS. Airbags are also a standard feature. The Toyota Fortuner in India features the most powerful engine in this lot. The 3.0 liter turbocharged intercooled engine makes 170 Bhp of power and 343 Nm of torque. A 5 speed manual gearbox which is similar to the Pajero’s handles transmission duties. This gearbox has a similar nature like that of the Pajero. The Fortuner breaches the 0-100 kmph mark in 12.9 seconds while the top speed is also higher at 176 kmph. The Fortuner being the priciest of the lot still makes do with rear drum brakes. Like the Pajero, the Fortuner is also blessed with various braking aids and safety supports. The 3.0 liter DOHC turbocharged diesel unit of the Ford Endeavour in India boasts of 156 Bhp of power and 380 Nm of gut wrenching torque. A 5 speed manual transmission handles the chores of gear shifting. It is a sweet shifting unit unlike the others. The 0-100 kmph mark however was dispatched in 15.2 seconds, much higher than the Fortuner’s mark. Top speed is also less than the Fortuner at 166 kmph. Brakes in this leviathan are fantastic and being all discs have better halting powers. The usual safety dragnets are present.

As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, the Pajero with its BS4 motor returns an overall 12.3 kmpl. The Fortuner returns 11.8 kmpl overall and the Endeavour turns in 12.4 kmpl. The Endeavour is a wee bit fuel efficient than the others here.

It is the Fortuner’s engine which shows an eagerness to rev more than the others and keep the driver delighted. Moreover, its fuel efficiency isn’t affected by a great extent due to this revving nature. However as far as the features list is concerned, it is the Endeavour which comes out on tops.

Final Verdict

One thing is for sure in this comparison. Mitsubishi need to up their act or else, they would be in great trouble. Conforming to BS4 norms mean that they have lost out on their power rights bragging (which anyways was lower than the rest of the cars in this brigade). But it stands true to its roots and that is off-roading. If you need a SUV for everyday roaming as also for off-roading, then look no further than the Pajero. However if you are inclined to use it more for on-road use than for off-road, then it’s the Ford Endeavour for you. Its got tonnes of equipment and has a manual and automatic gearbox option (the only one in this comparison). Road presence is tremendous in this SUV as well. It has got luxurious interiors as well. The downsides are basically none and this enhances its appeal. It can be even brought in 2 wheel drive mode. The Toyota Fortuner in India is one hell of a SUV. It not only has tonnes of road presence but also oodles of space inside. However its Innova like interiors would make one to detract from the luxury feel. If you are willing to forgive its interiors, then this is the SUV for you. The Ford Endeavour trumps the Toyota Fortuner by a whisker here. The Toyota Fortuner price in India starts from Rs 19.88 lakhs and goes all the way to Rs 22.1 lakhs. The Mitsubishi Pajero price in India is Rs 20.1 lakhs whereas the Ford Endeavour price in India is the least costliest of all with its price starting from Rs 16,3889 and closing at Rs 19 lakhs. All these prices are ex-show room, Delhi. The Endeavour it is then, all the way to go. Lest I forget, the Toyota Fortuner’s long waiting period would have you flummoxed as well.