Ford EcoSport facelift teased

The new Ecosport from Ford has just been teased by the company on their Facebook page. The car is likely to go on sale once festive season begins in full flow and will see a number of minor updates which will allow it to keep on competing in the compact SUV segment.

The Euro-spec facilifted model of the EcoSport has already been seen and has a number of mechanical upgrades in addition to cosmetic changes. However, in India, mechanical updates are unlikely though there may be some tweaking in terms of engine tuning. As per the teaser, one can see the grille of the new EcoSport. The headlights also have DRL’s which make the car look even better and is one that consumers have been looking forward to for a while now. Unlike the Euro model though, the rear mounted spare wheel will continue to appear on the tailgate of the EcoSport.

The EcoSport will still be sold in three engine variants. This includes the 1.5 litre petrol and diesel engines as well as the 1-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine which has garnered many accolades already. The car is expected to be seen with the onset of the festive season and no major changes in prices are likely. The EcoSport will compete with the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross and the Hyundai Creta in the compact SUV segment and with Mahindra also launching a host of new vehicles, the competition here just seems to be hotting up.


Ford India

Ford India Sales Jump by 63 Percent in September

Overall sales figures for Ford, including exports, saw a 63 per cent increase as compared to the same period last year with 22428 units being sold by the company in September 2015 as compared to 13742 units in September 2014.

As per Executive Director, Marketing, Sales and Service at Ford India, Anurag Mehrotra, the launch of the all new Figo has had a huge role to play in this jump and it part of the commitment that Ford has made towards the launch of three new cars for Indian customers by end April 2016. The company is backed by a strong vision of growth as well as great products and Ford is looking to welcome more and more customers into the company with the festive season likely to bring many new Ford members.

Domestic sales for the company in September 2015 were 8274 units as compared to 6786 units in the same period last year. This will mean a 22 per cent hike in Ford vehicle sales. Exports too have seen a 103 per cent increase with 14154 units being sold this year in September as compared to 6956 in September 2014.

Ford India has seen a stable growth in terms of sales for the past few months owing to a good line up of cars from the company presently. The Figo introduction has helped in increasing sales even further and with the new launches promised, the company is expected to grow even higher.


Ford Inaugurates Parts Distribution Warehouse in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city which has very less of automotive stuffs compared to other big cities of India. Thoughtfully, Ford India then decided to why not bestow it with some accomplishments from the industry.

So, in order to make the distribution more viable across the nation,, and particularly in that region,  Ford India inaugurates a new warehouse in Kolkata which is actually the company’s fourth parts distribution center in the country, followed by Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

Inauguration was done by Nigel Harris, President, Ford India, together with Vinay Piparsania, Executive Director, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India, PK Umashankar, Vice President, Ford Customer Service Operations and Michele DeTombeur, Director, Parts Supply & Logistics, Ford Asia Pacific.

Ford Inaugurates Parts Distribution Warehouse in Kolkata

The warehouse is sprawled over 3,200 sq.m.

Expressing his views, PK Umashankar said, “Enhancing ownership experience is an intensive and continuous process, and a strategic imperative for Ford India. An important part of this endeavour is to keep improving our world-class after-sales offerings as we increase our footprint in India. With this new parts distribution centre, we will be closer to the dealer network improving parts availability, reducing lead time and enhancing overall customer experience.”

The new warehouse will enable a better turnaround time in delivery of parts and accessories to dealerships in East and North Eastern parts of India. The East Zone is a rapidly growing market for Ford India and the new centre will serve 28 dealer locations in this region.

Ford Inaugurates

“Together with enhancing customer satisfaction through improved delivery performance, this new centre supports our overall network expansion strategy and commitment to our customers in India. The strategic location of this centre will ensure that Ford dealerships in the East Zone will have enhanced parts availability, reduced transit time, lower transit damage and optimal inventory at dealer points, resulting in efficient overall operations and improved customer experience,” concluded PK Umashankar.

Ford India Sells 11,935 Vehicles in June

Ford India – the name that is still well-stirred in fraternity even months after the EcoSport launch. Some credits can also be lent to the new Fiesta for attempting hard with the recent launch to make the most of sales sheet. Let whatever the reason may be, Ford India sustained its sales momentum with 11,935 vehicles in domestic wholesales and exports in the month of June, a 36% increase over 8,771 total vehicles sold over the corresponding period last year.

The domestic wholesales stood at 7,258 vehicles in June, as compared to 7,145 vehicles in the same period last year, the exports rose to 4,677 units.

“The Government’s decision to extend the excise duty concession is a welcome move and will certainly uplift consumer purchasing sentiments as we head into the festive season over the next few months,” said Vinay Piparsania, executive director of Marketing, Sales and Service at Ford India. “It reflects the government’s recognition of the importance of the manufacturing sector and its contribution to overall economic growth.”

Ford India Sells 11,935 Vehicles in June

About the latest 2014 Ford Fiesta, Ford had done away with a stunning new look, plush interiors and several segment-first features, specifically with front grille resembling the Aston Martin. Redefining expectations for a premium sedan, the stylish new 2014 Fiesta will offer SYNC® with Ford AppLink™ – a smarter, hands-free in-car technology to keep drivers safely connected while on the road. SYNC® with Ford AppLink™ will feature two India-specific apps – explore by MapMyIndia and ESPN Cricinfo – and one global app, Glympse.

“The 2014 Fiesta, with its best-in-class driving dynamics, design and in-car technology, is a complete package that delivers much more than the expectations of customers in this segment and offers an exceptional value and a compelling option for discerning enthusiasts,” Piparsania said.

Just for the last, Ford India is organising its ‘Monsoon Ready Service Camps’ across the country. The service camps include a free car wash and vehicle report card, exceptional offers on new wipers, batteries, brake pads and suspension, and attractive gifts.

Ford India aims for the peak, hoping to start Sanand Plant by 2014

The Indian market prospective has always been on top for the car manufacturers. They have always been keen on expanding their network in the Indian market after China and US. Running in the same lane, Ford India is also planning to brand India as its one of the largest exporting hubs for its several models. And to do that company is going to initiate the production at its Sanand plant situated in Gujarat by 2014. According to the words from President and Managing director of Ford India, Joginder Singh with the start of this new plant, the Ford’s total outlay in the India will reach to about $2 billion out of which about $1 billion will be arriving just from Gujarat plant.

Speaking on the issue, Mr. Singh also told that everything is going according to the plan and currently about 4000 workers are working at Sanand’s ground. The project is going as per the expectation and the plant will be hiring facilities for engine manufacturing, body paint, stamping and assembly operations for the vehicles. The plant at the Chennai along with the newly developed plant at Sanand will have a joint capacity of about 3 million units. The production capacity will be increased up to 5 million by mid of the decade and the same will be increased to about 9 million by the year 2020. Ford has already made about 10,000 job opportunities in the Chennai plant and after the start of the Sanand Plant about 5,000 more jobs will be created.

Ford India aims for the peak hoping to start Sanand Plant by 2014

When the product launch and diversification is concerned, Ford is aiming to bring about 8 new models by the mid of the decade. Moreover, Ford is also planning to increase its dealership from the current 125 to 205 by the end of next year and up to 500 by the mid of the decade. Mr. Singh further said that instead of waiting for the customers Ford itself will go to them. Ford is thinking about expanding its presence to the tier 2 and tier 3 cities to gather large customer exposure, rather than just restricting itself to metro cities. With this decision Ford is hoping to gather large customer base.

While commenting on the Diesel vehicle subsidy Mr. Singh said that the diesel vehicle sale figure among the total sale is rising gradually so, instead of putting tax on the diesel vehicles government should some with some measures to provide subsides on them.

In view of the Ford’s expectation from the Global sale figures, Mr. Singh said that the company sold about 5.3 million vehicles in 2010 and company is now hoping to increase these numbers to about 8 million units by 2015. The Asia Pacific region comprises of about 70 percent of the total sales and company claimed to sell one out of six cars in this area by 2020.

Reduction in costs would benefit Ford India

A company official says Ford Motors are planning to release 8 new cars from its 2 plants in India and the cars would be built on a platform for global sales that would have many common parts thus reducing costs.

President and MD, Michael Boneham, Ford India, told the new releases would not be designed for a particular market, but would have many common parts added to bring down costs. Michael Boneham told decisions were not made regarding the models to be released in the company’s 2 plants in India, one that’s existing and a new one in Gujarat. He says the decision to come up with their 2nd facility in Gujarat was to mainly save logistic costs. He told by having a unit close to NCR (National Capital Region), it would account for 20% of their sales.

Boneham told the engine plant would be rolling out first, and in 2014, a car plant. He told the new facility would be able to make 6 different models utilizing one production line.

Ford India’s planning to build a manufacturing unit for integration of vehicles and later an engine unit in Gujarat (Sanand) at the cost of 1 billion dollars.

Ford IndiaThe plant that would manufacture vehicles would have a yearly initial capacity to produce 2,40,000 units whereas the facility that would manufacture engines would initially have a capacity to produce 2,70,000 engines yearly.

The Maraimalai Nagar vehicle plant has a capacity to produce 2,00,000 units yearly.

An investment of 72 million dollars would be made by Ford for expansion of its engine facility to push yearly production capacity from 2,50,000 to 3,30,000 units.

Boneham told the company would cross production of 1,00,000 units in Chennai this year and told it was only 30,000 units 3 years ago.

Lastly, Boneham believes India would be the world’s 3rd biggest car market after US and China by 2020.

Ford adopts ‘The Fiesta Experience’ mantra in India

An innovative campaign called ‘The Fiesta Experience’ was launched by Ford on Friday in hopes of getting real people together to talk about their experiences. The whole idea behind the campaign is to focus directly and engaging in real people’s experiences. This provides the company to build an instant connection with the masses through this campaign. ‘The Fiesta Experience’ gives a new feel in advertising and connects directly with customers. The campaign highlights experiences of four people that are allowed to experience and explore the unique features in the new Fiesta. The features that the new Fiesta has are not even found in high end and luxury cars.

The campaign adopts the digital medium to showcase the new Fiesta going live on all channels as part of the strategy. Commenting on the strategic approach adopted, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Ford India, Nigel Wark, explains that the primary idea behind the innovative approach on the launch of the new Fiesta in India was to create the awareness of all their activities by getting real people and sharing their experiences together for the first time. Wark further added that the new Fiesta had the best and first class features that are miles ahead in competition with their own cars and also setting the car on par or even further ahead among all other cars in the same or higher end segment cars. He told that the global campaign stands a class apart in its characters in the world of advertising. He told the campaign is unique and different from the usual advertising standards and adds quality to its overall appeal.

The commercial highlights the new features in the new Fiesta experienced by four real, articulate and interesting people who get the opportunity to share their experiences by getting behind the wheels and get a real feel of the differentiators in the new car. The impressions are shared in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The four people chosen in order to directly target audiences globally are video journalist Vikram Aditya Singh, professional sportsperson Monica Joon, travel writer Shruti Sharma and adventure consultant Archit Rakheja.

As part of the campaign, the participants embark on a 10-day Delhi to Dio trip, which is a 1310-km drive. The chosen participants are allowed to experience the differentiators in the new Fiesta such as the cruise control, voice control (blue tooth), unrivalled safety and fuel efficiency, features which are not available even in high end or luxury cars.

Vice President, Anurag Mehrotra, Marketing, Ford India says that the approach is indeed unconventional in the industry, but allows Ford to connect directly with customers by sharing their experiences in their advertisements. He says Ford would know what consumers feel about their product all the time and said that this direct, unbiased and honest reality check would help brand Ford’s position in the market.

This new innovative campaign would go live on August 19 through leading publications followed by a 40-second commercial on television broadcasted on channels digitally. Through social networks, Ford has been actively talking and listening to its customers and have their views updated all the time.

Sales of Ford India up by 45% For the Year

Ford India recently reinforced their decision for investing $1bn to build an integrated manufacturing plant in Gujarat, and their decision seems to have been well thought as the recent sales figures of the company point out their demand in the Indian auto market.

Ford India managed to sell a total of 71,347 export and wholesale vehicles in the period of Jan to July, in comparison to the 49,131 vehicles they sold in the corresponding period in 2010, an increase of 45%. Last month, the company witnessed combined exports and wholesales of 10,706 vehicles, in comparison to 9,666 vehicles in the same month last year.

Following their aggressive global expansion strategy, the Gujarat state and Ford India signed an MoU on July 28 in Gandhinagar, for building a modern vehicle manufacturing facility and engine facility on a plot spread over 460 acres in Sanand.

Sales of Ford India up by 45% For the YearThe company’s MD and president, Michael Boneham, said that these times are quite exciting for them in India. They are investing for the future as well as reinforcing their long term commitment in India by opening two new facilities in Gujarat, as well as adding the new Fiesta to their portfolio. The new Fiesta will be the first among their 8 new vehicles that they have planned to bring to this market by 2015.

Diesel powered fuel efficient variants by Ford have been receiving a lot of demand, because of increasing cost of fuel that has led to a waiting list for customers. Ford is also expanding their engine facility in Chennai, as well as working with suppliers of diesel engine parts for better meeting the increased demand.

Boneham further added that they appreciate the patience of their customers as they work with their suppliers for removing the constraints in capacity and ensure that they can meet with increasing demand for their products. The new Fiesta was great to add to their portfolio, having managed to achieve a great reaction from their customers. They are also pleased at having sold more than 70,000 vehicles to international and local markets in the current year.

The new Fiesta that hit markets on July 14 brought a lot of category leading technologies with it, like the in car; voice controlled climate and entertainment system as well as cruise control all in fuel efficient and stylish features.

Followed by an increasing demand for their Ford Figo compact car, the company exported to around 26 markets above 3,200 cars, which includes seven new models in July.  Boneham concluded that it was great to know that apart from selling more than 1,00,000 models in India, the demand for the Figo in overseas markets have also been high, consistently increasing their exports.

Ford India to Shift Headquarters to New Delhi

Ford India will soon shift their headquarters to New Delhi. The president of Ford Africa and Asia Pacific, Joseph Henrichs said during a press conference that Ford India would be shifting their headquarters to New Delhi, while they would open a new facility in Gujarat. These actions form part of their new operation plans in India.

The market share of the company in India has almost tripled since the past 2 years. Back in 2009, the company’s share was less than 1%. Currently the market share of the company in India has grown to 3%.

Henrichs also added that they plan to introduce 8 new cars in this market by 2015. Of these, most will be available in the same range as the Figo as in India, the small car market is the one which has been witnessing growth. 70% of the passenger car sales in this market were generated from the category of small cars, a figure, which is only expected to grow further.

Ford India Officially Announces Launch of Second Plant in Sanand, Gujarat Following a US$1bn Investment

Ford India officially announced about investing $1bn for building their second engine and vehicle assembly in India. This comes in the wake of the company trying to step up its production to keep up with the increasing demand in the market.

Their assembly plant will be in Gujarat, and will employ 5,000 individuals. This will be the company’s second manufacturing plant in India, following the first plant, which is located in Chennai. We recently announced about the government of Gujarat allocating a 400 acre plot for use to Ford Motors; however there was still no official word from the leading auto company, which was expected to be out today.

Well, the company recently released an official announcement that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Gujarat and will be making an investment of INR 4,000 crores or US$1bn in two facilities that will include body, paint, stamping as well as assembly operations for manufacturing of engines.

The plant will have an annual production capacity of 240,000 units in the initial phase, whereas the engine manufacturing annual capacity in the initial phase will be 270,000 units. The plant is to be built on the 460 acre plot provided by the state of Gujarat. The CEO and president of Ford’s Africa and Asia Pacific division, said Namaste Gujarat! He said that they are delighted on announcing the newest location for the company’s vehicle manufacturing site in Gujarat.

The company has set aggressive growth plans in Africa, Asia Pacific and India, the opening of these 2 new facilities is important for them is realising this strategy for growth in one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

The reason the company selected the state of Gujarat, was because of their pro-business infrastructure, environment, and access to ports as well as skilled workforce. The new plant would allow for quick access to their site from operations to the heartland of India’s critical west and northern regions, which have the largest market for passenger cars in India.

The construction for both of the plant would begin by this year end. This first engine and vehicle is scheduled to roll off the assembly line by 2014. Last year, the company had made an announcement that they would be introducing 8 new products in India by 2015. The company already has a facility in Tamil Nadu and is currently expanding their engine manufacturing plant over there.

At a function held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s industry secretary, M. Sahu, and the MD and head of Ford India, Michael Boneham, signed the agreement, in presence of the CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, as well as Joe Hinrichs.

Hinrichs said that this investment is that of the global Ford’s future. The new modern facilities will help them in reaching their goal of expanding their sales in the worldwide market by almost 50% by 2015 to around 8mn vehicles per annum. They are also aggressively increasing in worldwide markets, which offer the most potential of growth for offering high quality and fuel efficient models from their global portfolio to their customers in Indian markets along with value.

The company will be bringing in above 50 new powertrains and vehicles to the African and Asia Pacific region by 2015. The company expects around 60 to 70% of their sales to be accounted by this region alone in a period of ten years.

Boneham said that India is an important and dynamic market for them. Following their strategy in India, they will keep on expanding their engine and vehicle production, enhancing their local team and dealer network, while also realising the value and strengths of their suppliers.

Boneham added that this investment would reinforce their long term commitment in India. Their successful modern planaat in Chennai, as well as the passion of their hardworking women and men has resulted in additional investment and growth of Ford in India. Like in Tamil Nadu, where they have strived for being a good corporate citizen, they will do so in Gujarat as well.

Meanwhile, the CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, stated that with the entry of this company in the state, it will only further strengthen Gujarat’s capability as a major auto centre. He assured the company the wholehearted hand holding and support of his government in speedily implementing their project.

This investment will bring the company’s total investment in India to around US$2bn approximately. The company currently employs around 10,000 individuals across their IT operations, manufacturing and global business services.

The introduction of the Figo helped to transform the company’s fate in India. Within just 15 months, the company had managed to sell around 1,00,000 Figo cars. They are also exporting this car from their state of the art facilities in Chennai. The car that exemplifies value and quality for money helped boost the success of the company in India by almost tripling their sales last year and bagging 20 leading auto awards, including the 2011 Indian Car of the Year, one of India’s most prestigious car awards.

Earlier in this month, the company also launched their new global Fiesta that continues to increase their portfolio of fuel efficient, smart, high quality cars, and segment leading technology equipped cars. The company had also announced about investing US$72mn by 2012 for expanding their powertrain plant in Chennai. They also increased their sales, service network to around 190 outlets in 108 cities, of which 40% are situated in secondary markets. They have also continued their expansion strategy by launching at least one sales or service outlet every week.