Mahindra Officially Teases Verito Vibe, Launch Tomorrow

Verito Vibe is going to be the ‘new’ face of Mahindra in a near future, which the carmaker now had teased it officially on their various social media bays. Vibe that is going to launch tomorrow, had led the carmaker hoping for high on it so as to derive a fatter market share in down the line segment. The teaser image conveys only hatchback body style whilst of the whole poster is completely tampered with black color.

However, taking cues from the spy shots, we learnt boot is hinged at the bottom of rear windshield and also the tail lights are embedded on C pillar, which is reclining the rear appearance a bit tad than the overall outlook. If seen wholly, the rear section itself is differentiated from the conventional Verito, while rests of them are all same. Engine is speculated to be drawn from the elder sibling Verito, spinning an admirable output under the badge of Renault (borrowed) K9K diesel. But we hope a new tune of setting to fling the jag of this hatchback, because drifting the compact aerodynamics in tight corners would then become an easy task for a pilot.

Mahindra Teases Verito Vibe
As we had kept saying again and again, Vibe will be most probably target the taxi unions for all that thick market shares, as because the official order from government’s machinery had cancelled plying of all the 20 years old taxis on Mumbai streets, which is being applied from this August onwards. Moreover, we think the launch of this newbie may prove a boon for this India based carmaker.

Mahindra Officially Teases Verito Vibe
Expected the price to go Rs. 5.30 lakh (ex showroom) at base model, sources too claimed that no petrol variant lays in the list for now, but may soon add a one seeing to the market demands.

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Mahindra Verito Vibe could just be a couple of days away from launch

Car enthusiasts are looking forward towards the launch of the New Verito Vibe from Mahindra and Mahindra next week. The car has been badged as Vibe and is planning to target younger audience. The car is the first hatchback from the UV manufacturer and will be competing directly against the likes of Hyundai i20, Maruti Swift, Ford Figo and Indica Vista.

Initially Mahindra was planning to launch a compact sedan but the plan was changed to offer a premium hatchback. In order to gain a head start it is rumored that Mahindra has already sent few Vibes to its dealerships even before the official launch on June 5th. It seems that Indian manufacturer is in no mood to leave any stones unturned for the promotion and success of this vehicle.

The company was able to curb the cost of production due to the similarities of the product with Verito. In addition to all that similarities Vibe also use the same drive train, which is the 1.5 Litre K9K diesel unit. At the rear the boot has been chopped off from Verito and the tail light has been fixed near the windscreen. The interiors are also similar to Verito, and most probably same space can be expected here also, which is one of the most prominent factors in the segment. Inside will be luxurious and ample amount of leg space will be available for the tall passengers.

Mahindra Verito

In the situation where most of the companies are looking towards expansion in the well-established and high performing segments, it will be considered as a bold and strong move by Mahindra to explore the possibilities in the premium hatchback segment. This will be the first entry in to the premium hatchback segment from Mahindra and company has high hopes riding on the vehicle. This vehicle will be testing the capabilities of the company in this segment. Actually this is a total win situation for the company as it is already concurring high profit from the utility vehicle segment and the entry into other segment will open new doors of opportunity. Currently SUVs from Mahindra like XUV 500, Scorpio and Bolero are the leading best sellers in their own respective segments.

Mahindra Verito Vibe to arrive on June 5th

Mahindra has officially revealed that it will be launching its Verito Vibe on 5th of June. Several spy pictures of the Verito Vibe has already been traveling on the internet for quite a long time. It was initially believed that the Verito Vibe will be actually a hatchback but now it is clear that is a compact saloon. The boot has not been hinged with the roof rather it has been hinged at the bottom of the rear windscreen. Mahindra has opted for a two box appearance rather than a chopped saloon like Swift Dzire and Indigo eCS.

The rear windshield has been overlapped with the large tail lights that has been made to sit on the C-pillar. Although the Sharpe rake of the C pillar is in odd with the Vibe’s straight stance and is quite consistent with the rest of the car. Before the C Pillar, the Vibe is quite similar to the Verito saloon and will be sharing the same doors and body parts.

Mahindra Verito Vibe to arrive on June 5th
The new Verito Vibe will be powered with the same Renault sourced K9K 1.5 Litre diesel engine that powers Verito saloon. The engine is able to churn out maximum power of about 68 bhp. The weight difference between Vibe and Verito is quite normal and hence it is not expected to affect the performance. So, you can hope to get the same performance with the Vibe also. There is currently no petrol engine planned for Vine as Mahindra currently don’t possess any petrol engine that is competent with the sub four meter excise benefits.

The Mahindra Vibe is expected to be priced around Rs. 5.30 lakhs for the base model.

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Mahindra Verito Vibe Caught Undisguised During the Commercial Shoot

Mahindra Verito Vibe is the second sub-four meter offering from house of Indian carmaker after Quanto, and in the times of heavy taxations levied by government this forging step will definitely help them to gain some benefits from the scanner of official (taxation) machinery. And well, just recently one of the publication houses had caught Vibe undisguised during the shoot of commercial ad in Bengaluru.

Mahindra hadn’t yet finalized the launch dates but the shoot of a commercial gives inclination towards the angle ‘roll-out slated at a near future’.

The Artic Blue color shade that this Vibe is sporting was initially confirmed for XUV 500 but what happened inside the organization no one knows, they now bestowed the hatchback with the same one itself. As learnt from the pictures, this seen model maybe a high end trim, because the chromed exhaust tips and a lot of beige cushioned bits inside had kept us pinching towards the top-of-line plethora. As we all know, what it takes being a hatchback, Vibe looks like a reworked version of Verito, and actually it is, as the engineers in Mahindra’s R&D seems not have spent a lot of time working on this one, because expectedly almost all the hatchbacks in India are known for smarter looks than their sedan version and also a tremendous amount of practicality in dimension for the perfect city rides. The case with Vibe is, tailgate opening, as is slatted off from the roof line and is positioned at the end of tail lamps which means the rear windshield will remain intact and only the bottom space will be drove to open slot for luggage, which complemented making the boot inches more compressed than the conventional sub-four meters hatchbacks.

Mahindra Verito Vibe

Not much to say further, we expect the car to do with Renault borrowed 1.5L K9K diesel engine producing 66PS and 160 Nm of torque, jamming with the five speed manual gearbox being driven through rear wheels.

Very shortly, Mahindra was planning to trim down the ground clearance of all its SUV to match down government’s new norms of taxation, where the Vibe may help makers to gain some of the brownie points in industry that was expected to be flowing through the bespoken tax structure, and moreover we speculate Cool Cabs and Call a Cab service provider will now soon have a reason to party, because the affordable (Verito) is yet back again and  that too with the bang of trimmed inches to curb down city driving hassles very swiftly.

Mahindra Verito Vibe Commercial Shoot

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