Tata Motors plans to relaunch Aria crossover by next year

Tata Aria, which was introduced around 2 years back, in spite of boasting a good number of luxury characteristics, failed to entice car buffs.

This is primarily assigned to the vehicle’s high price label and appearances that do not look like a sport utility vehicle. The auto firm with the aim to augment the sales capacity of the vehicle recently rolled out a new affordable edition of the car.

But, that also failed in escalating the sales number. The company at the present proposes to relaunch the Aria with an image alteration with the intention that the vehicle does better this time.

Tata Motors plans to relaunch Aria crossover by next year

Though it is not understandable what all alterations would be made to the vehicle, it is likely that the auto giant would make the price-reduction permanent.

The vehicle is also expected to obtain a minor facelift and its top end option is likely to feature a 6 pace automatic transmission gear case. Aside from it, the company is expected to launch a budget-end option of the Aria 4×2 for the fleet operators as well as the taxi market.

Aria when relaunched would oppose Toyota Innova that is valued between the range of Rs. 9 lacs and Rs. 14 lacs.

In contrast, Mini Aria would challenge Maruti Suzuki Ertiga valued between Rs. 5.90 lacs and Rs. 8.60 lacs.

While talking about the relaunch plan of the Mini Aria, Karl-Heinz Servos, Project Director, joint projects, Engineering Research Centre of Tata Motors stated, “Aria is misapprehended. It’s a grand thought, a car, which provides space in addition to comfort. Like it happens to other makers, a few products are a bit prior to time and therefore misunderstood,”

“It’s a solid vehicle. First it needs a few image corrections. We will do something quick which will modify the insight. We need to reintroduce the vehicle. If it carries on the way it is at this time, then it is not good for the firm,” Karl-Heinz Servos also said.

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