The New Range Rover Sport Teased

Land Rover is all set for the launch of the new Range Rover Sport which is scheduled to be unveiled on March 26th while driving through Manhattan just a day before the start of the New York Motor Show.

The company has already revealed a teaser image of the car and says that the location planned for the debut of the Sport is most appropriate as New York City is one of the biggest single metropolitan markets for the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport is also one of the bestselling models from Land Rover in Northern America.

Global Brand director for the Land Rover, John Edward, said that the all new Range Rover Sport takes the existing model to the next level. It will be rendering more excitement in terms of ride quality and technology. He also considered it as one of the most dynamic vehicles from the house of Land Rover and is a prominent example of leading British engineering, design and technological capabilities.

New Range Rover Sport teased
The new Range Rover Sport also hires the same all aluminum PLA or (premium lightweight Architecture) Platform which is also the base of the recently revealed Range Rover Mk4. The Range Rover will be built together with the company’s Flagship model at Land Rover’s new PLA manufacturing line situated at Solihull in West Midlands.

The vehicle is expected to be about 300 kg lighter than the currently available Sport model which is also based on the same T5 platform that also houses Land Rover Discovery 4. If the data is considered to be up to the mark then it will mean that the V6 Diesel Sport will be weighing somewhere around 2160 kgs.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport teased

Those who were fortunate enough to have a look on the upcoming model said that the car is certainly more sporty that the current Sport. The upcoming model is visually differentiated from the current Range Rover by the sharp rooflines, deeper body sides, more aggressive nose and tail and shorter rear overhang.

The Sport will also be offering seven seats as option, a strategy that will help it to counter upcoming BMW X5. This will increase the competition in the segment. Sources have also revealed that the new model will also get an option for 2.0 litre diesel engine.

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