Tips for buying a Used Mahindra Scorpio in India

For people who are on the look out for a sedan as the vehicle that they would like to own and pricing is an issue that is a dominating factor that impacts your purchase decision, an Indian brand that can best suit your needs is the Mahindra Scorpio. This is because the Mahindra Scorpio, though an SUV, has been priced in such a favorable manner that it matches the range of C-segment vehicles that are available these days. It is also going to prove useful if you also belong to a big, joint family. This is because the Mahindra Scorpio has been provided with greater seating capacity than the regular sedan. Since the new Scorpio has just been launched, it is expected that the older variants are going to record a drop in price. Hence, if your present financial situation does not permit you to buy a new vehicle, you can take this opportunity to go for a used one.

History of the Vehicle:

Mahindra has been maintaining a long tradition in coming out with rugged jeeps for both the rural as well as the semi-urban markets. The MM540 as well as the Commander are firmly entrenched in our memories. The Scorpio was born out of a desire in the mind of Mahindra to create a new image for itself and consequently made its debut in the year 2002 in the then growing Indian auto market. The vehicle came with 2.6 liter diesel engines in two variants – in non-turbo as well as turbo variants. The vehicle looked compact and modern and proved worthy to be an urban vehicle and was considered a sensible option for the C-segment range of cars.

Used Mahindra Scorpio in India


Most people are expecting that the prices of the older variants of the Scorpio are going to drop with the new Scorpio being recently launched. Mahindra has not increased price of the latest model, which might result in older models not recording a drop of prices as much as has been expected. Before going to buy the car, you need to check on its mileage for sure because this car has been most favored to use for services and hence might have been driven a huge number of kilometers. This could have led to the total grinding of the vehicle; hence you must keep your ears open for unwanted noises coming from the suspension and the engines. The safest option for buying a Used Mahindra Scorpio is to get it from private owners.

Used Mahindra Scorpio in India

Cost Factor:

Private ownership Scorpios are normally well maintained and regular servicing is given to them, this increases the chances that you might get to buy a maintenance-free vehicle. Regular costs of servicing are not expected to go beyond Rs.2,500. If the vehicle is serviced in authorized workshops of Mahindra, it will incorporate within changing the oil and diesel filters as well as the engine oil. The Scorpio has traditionally proven to be a vehicle that can be relied upon. However, one thing you might like to alter on your Scorpio would be its leaf-spring suspension at the rear. These usually get rugged from carrying huge loads, there are specially designed leaf springs available that come with lifetime warranty and cost just Rs.15,000.

Used Mahindra Scorpio in India Used Mahindra Scorpio in India


The Scorpio has been equipped with a 8-valve, four cylinder, turbocharged 2.6 liter diesel engine and can produce a maximum power of 109BHp with a peak torque of 255Nm. The engine, with its conventional set up, has proven to be very reliable as well as one that can be easily maintained. The reliability aspect of the engine of the Scorpio can be judged by the fact that vehicles that have traversed more than 80,000 km are still performing with great credibility. However, it is to be ensured that a servicing is given to the vehicle after every run of 5,000km  as the manufacturer has recommended; this will help the vehicle perform more freely.


The Scorpio has been equipped with a five-speed manual transmission gearbox but its performance is not very refined. Though you could get the feeling that the Scorpio behaves car-like on city roads, changing of the gears will make you conscious that it still remains a Utility vehicle. Well-matched lower gears can be seen in the turbodiesel units making driving round the city quite comfortable. However, since the higher gears come in taller ratios, the vehicle does not perform as well in the highways because overtaking becomes a lot more tedious.

Used Mahindra Scorpio in India


The front suspension is tough and independent on the Scorpio whereas the rear is provided with leaf springs. There do not seem to be many problems with the suspension of the Scorpio. It can manage rough roads quite well. Also, having being provided with a light steering ensures that the Scorpio is quite nimble and is easy for driving in cities.

Body and Chassis:

The Scorpio has been provided with a decent body though the finishing has not been perfect. But a tough chassis helps it encounter any road situation well enough.


You should not have great expectations from the interiors of the Scorpio. They can be termed as modest with the dashboard having basic functions incorporated.

Used Mahindra Scorpio interior Used Mahindra Scorpio interior

Driving Feel:

The Scorpio makes one feel that he is riding a very high car. But the driving aspect is compact and suits urban requirements.

Used Mahindra Scorpio interior

The Final Word:

Scorpio as a used car is definitely a good choice but it has to be ensured that the above aspects are properly judged before you venture out to purchase the same.

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