Tips for Buying Used Honda Accord V6

“V” aspirated engine is one of the powerful name in automobile industry, and there is no doubt the famous had a tendency to use it in meanest possible form ever. In spite of using this aggressively there is no negative response from the engine to car, but the Indians don’t find it that lucrative to do with most of it on Indian shores. It’s because the fuel efficiency of the V series engines are not up their mark. So most probably they tend to avoid it, and instead opting for a one which is much efficient, and gives, not exactly, but that similar amount of response. Finally concluding the name of the bug which we are going to discuss today is none other than the Honda Accord V6. Yes, the Accord is donning the looks of sophistication under the hood of V6, sensing us the feel of “devil wears Prada” in the astonishing niche chauffeur driven avatar. There aren’t much of the words remained with us to describe what the Honda Accord is, but again we are tempting up to go for those days when petrol was not that expensive and bearing this sort of bug wasn’t a headache in the urban jungle. Even today also, it is not that paining if one who chooses to prefer performance over the fuel efficiency. Claiming its worth in the industry for almost a decade, Accord V6 had passed on for three generation to Indians, and the one which today we are using it was launched in 2010 and is capable of yielding the maximum power of 275PS. Since the new Honda Accord V6 is priced for around 3 million INR Indians are referring to go for the SUVs in new car segment which most of them are capable of diesel engine too, and returns good amount of fuel efficiency as well, which also gives in the confidence to conquer the unattained paths at ease.

Hopefully, through the past three generations of Accord V6, Honda had power the first two models with 3.0L petrol engine, but the last one which was rolled out on Indian shores during the 2010 is the most aggressive amongst all with “3.5L V6”. Due to the high depreciation cost and rising petrol price bands, Accord is being available in the used car market for a rate that we couldn’t have imaged when we saw its first launch in India.

Used Honda Accord V6

Looking at them in current market scenario, it seems the dealer wants to get rid of it as soon as possible, and the rate for which they are selling the used V6 Accords seems the ‘dirt cheap’ when you compare it with the buying cost of new ones. Hence, we will not conclude the exact price band here of the used Accord but, giving you a hint that, it almost equates up to the buying tag of hatchback Maruti Swift. Well, in the same range of Swift and other hatchbacks, one may drive home only the first two generation of Accord only i.e. with 3.0L V6 itself, and not the latest one with 3.5L V6 instead. Hence the latest model badge in the market is quite rare. And out of those rarest, the ones which are there available in market, owners then tend you to barge you for huge sum of money if you prefer 3.5L V6. And in fact this time we say if anyone out there is getting this meaner Accord yet, then without wasting any time he should crack the deal of same. It’s because, older the car, more the maintenance cost. The Accord is definitely going to eat up the wallet when you will take it to the service station after a good interval of time. So there is a need of precaution to be taken when you go out there to buy a one. We too had done the same thing for you and here is the account of our activities how to select the right Accord for you.

Hence, going in the market of most exclusivity on Accord, we suggest to choose the mid life variant. It is because the earliest one is plain Jane and is not so interesting one in this modern time. But the second one is bestowed with LED and other more advancement, so this becomes the lucrative buy of our season. And as we said above don’t go after the newly made bugs, because it’s hard to find them in our used car market and so the heft price tags lugging around them too, would be lucky if got a one by some twinkling luck chances.

It is also learnt by us in the market is that, the facelift version of Accord V6, the one which are preferring, looks only the mild cosmetic facelift, but instantly it is not that enough for the makeover in its terms. Japanese had also tweaked it technically in engine and others sorts, so the chosen one is blissfully meaty than the previous badge. Most of the car of this index would have covered the distance of around 40,000-50,000 kms. So don’t get shocked when you sneak peek at the speedometer while at the used car station. This in return would have made the harsh impression on the gearbox, so fixing the gearbox is a costly affair on the Accord. And we know it, so that’s why we ask you to check the gearbox oil level before making the purchase. And in case if you had found the level quite low than the desired denominations then it’s better to stay away from such. Don’t dare to poke your nose here, because the fixing of Accord’s gearbox is not at all efficient. The oxygen sensor of Accord V6 also gets worn out very early exceptionally a lot before the expected deadline. It happens due to our poor quality fuel. The failure will trigger you the check engine light again and again. Electrical problems too are being reported. The music system and its screen are in their weirdest condition on some of the vehicles which we had seen. In some of them, the screen was tossed to go blank, no hope for it to come back anytime soon. This problem is most probably reported due to the dusts getting flunked in between the claustrophobe. Meanwhile, there isn’t any mechanical problem particularly lies in V6 aspirated Accord, so the check at authorized Honda service stations will bestow you the right idea of what the consequence is going on inside after the purchase. Overall, a single service at the authorized Honda pit may cost you Rs. 10,000 which will include the fluid change, necessary replacements and other scheduled checkups. Not more than it.

Used Honda Accord V6 Back View

In the conclusion, we would like to say if you are of the kind who chooses to be driven in comfort and all the notches of luxury, and are not able to shell out the much high figures for luxury marquee offerings, but can do efficiently with the rising fuel cost, then Honda Accord V6 is just waiting for you in the used car market.

Lastly, the normally aspirated 2.4L Accord is no more cosmetically differentiated than the V6 by those dual exhausts itself. Exceptionally, the V6 is better in the entire driving proposition when you look at the price tags of both the car in pre-owned market.

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