Toyota looking to hire more people in Asia

Earlier we had reported how Toyota Motor Corporation are looking forward to building a small car on the Etios platform. Now, the company is looking forward to expand its operations in the Asian market. Toyota are currently having a tough time in the US with their many recalls and brand value getting eroded so as of now, plans for the US market are on the back burner. In emerging markets, Toyota have actually reassigned 20 % of its sales personnel, ones who are domestic as well, to boost the sales.

To create a better brand awareness, these domestic sales personnel would be asked to work outside Japan for a certain period of time and help out the other country sales people in developing brand trust and thus boosting sales for the company. As of now, the Asian market is the one which is leading to better sales prospects for the company as Toyota as still held in high regards here. The company is also planning on taking the selected sales personnel from Japan, who will number about 100, to the next level in their career as well. These people would be responsible for recruitment of additional work force in the Asian region.

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