Mahindra and Mahindra in 7th heaven

Automobile companies diversifying into various other businesses is a known thing but then Mahindra and Mahindra have outdone everyone by announcing that they would launch an aircraft soon in the Indian market. They have created a different division names as Mahindra Aerospace. Without letting the media know, the company has already got certification and regulatory approvals as well from the concerned authorities. The name of the new aircraft is Airvan. It is an 8 seater aircraft which would be used mainly for utility purposes. As of now, the company plans to launch this aircraft in the domestic market.

This is just the start as Mahindra Aerospace CEO and Executive Director would like all to believe. Shortly after the launch of the Airvan, the company would also present an eight seater luxury aircraft, 5 seater economy aircraft, an eighteen and ten seater version as well. TheĀ  first of the line, the eight seater Airvan is a multi utility aircraft and one which can be used for both freight as well as passenger services. The company is very hopeful that this particular model would do very well in the Indian market as there was a demand for the same. The Airvan has undergone extensive testing, not just in India but it has also gained airmiles in around 21 countries. In India, its first landing was at the Juhu Aerodrome strip last night. As of now, there is no firm date as to when this aircraft would be launched in India but then we expect it very soon.

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