Toyota to manufacture a new small car for Indonesia

The topmost passenger car manufacturing company, Toyota Motor Corporation was recently hit by a series of events that might have affected its position a bit. Recently, in the US market there was a recall issue where many car owners complained of various issues regarding its vehicles. But the company has already geared up and now is back with its new strategy and approach. Recently, they announced that the company will try to consolidate its image in the Asian market. They will be manufacturing a new low cost car which will be launched in the Indonesian market first and later on in its neighbouring markets as well.

This new car is supposed to be smaller than Toyota Etios launched last year in India, in size. Undoubtedly it will also cost less than the former one. They are planning to mark its price something around 8 lakh yen. This vehicle will be built by Daihatsu Motors which is a partially owned subsidiary of Toyota Motors. For the very same purpose Toyota will spent 20 billion yen, in order to build a new manufacturing plant. Right now this plan is in the drawing room and the actual execution of the plan might take a long time. With this plan, Toyota wants to capture the Southeast Asia market and make it its second largest consumer base after Thailand.

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