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Since the year is coming to an end, we at Indiandrives are very excited for all the new cars coming our way. Actually we have previewed a few before and have posted it on our website as well but as of now, just to refresh your memory, we bring to you the new cars that would be on the Indian roads by 2011. Most of the cars would be launched in January to beat the price hike which is expected. Rising costs of steel and production been the main culprits. The list is extensive however we have tried to concise the information and provide you with a gist of cars expected to be launched in 2011 and some early in 2012.


Chevrolet Beat LPG: We all know that in India, General Motors India Limited are the only car manufacturer to receive 3 safety awards for its plants. Other than that, it has been the first manufacturer to embrace the green thing which is engulfing the automotive world. Keeping in line with introducing their other cars with LPG or CNG option, the small car, namely the Chevrolet Beat would get LPG treatment. This would compromise some space as regards to the boot space however would be a viable cost effective option. Expected to be launched in January 2011.

Chevrolet Beat diesel:
It is a known fact that we Indians love diesels. It seems a crime not to have a diesel engined small car or rather an hatchback. For this very same effect, General Motors India Limited would be launching their Chevrolet Beat diesel with a 1.3 liter diesel engine which would be commissioned at their plant in Halol. Though it doesn’t promise to be class leading in fuel efficiency, it would somehow be near what we would term as an hot hatch. Maruti Suzuki better beware. This would be launched in January 2011.

Chevrolet Spark Electric: GM’s smallest car in India, the Chevrolet Spark would be put forth with electric motors only. This is another part of GMI’s initiative to provide India with clean burning cars and ones which have minimum polluting factor in them. The Chevrolet Spark Electric would be offered with two types of electric motors. One would be the lithium ion battery whereas the other would be the cheaper lead acid battery. Pricing these cars would depend on how much incentives the company receives from the various state governments. This would be launched in March 2011.

Chevrolet Sail: This would be based on a completely new platform and is the first GM car is been built with its Chinese collaboration with SAIC. It would be positioned above the Chevrolet Aveo-UVA and would compete with the other mini hatches namely the Hyundai I20, Skoda Fabia, Volkswagen Polo and the Maruti Ritz. It would have a petrol motor for starters and then later on a diesel would be launched as well. This would be launched in the later part of 2011.


Fiat India Limited have regained some of their lost confidence with the success of the Fiat Punto and the Fiat Linea in India. They are planning on launching atleast two new cars in 2011 in India.

Fiat Bravo: This is one of those mini hatches which has earned Fiat a world wide acclaim. Blessed with Italian drop dead looks, this is the elder brother of the Fiat Punto. It would offer class leading space and interior features. The lone engine on offer would be a high tech 1.9 liter turbocharged one. Fiat India says that it would be more of a brand building exercise rather than go for the volumes game. It would be priced similar to the Honda Jazz in India and that means it would be a costly proposition.

Fiat Linea 1.6 multijet: Fiat wowed the car buying public with its Italian stallion, the Fiat Linea. However the car’s engine was unsuitable for its chassis and this was voiced by many of the customers. Fiat did try to salvage the power issue by giving it a turbo boost with the 1.4 liter turbo petrol engine however buyers from the diesel segment wanted more power and hence Fiat would be introducing the 1.6 liter multijet capable of producing 120 Bhp. This would be enough to have a queue outside the Fiat showrooms. Would be launched around Diwali in 2011.


Ford Motors India Limited have launched only one new vehicle in 2009 and it was the small hatch, the Ford Figo. There were other transitions in the company namely the introduction of the Ford Endeavor 4×2 and the Ford Endeavor 4×4 automatic. For 2011, they have two models lined up.

Ford Fiesta: For the Indians, the Ford Fiesta means something else and for the Americans, it means something else. Not any more now. The new Ford Fiesta coming our way in 2011 looks lik the hatch sold in Europe and US. It has Ford’s “Kinetic energy” design theme. Since the chassis is quite competent, it wouldn’t be tinkered with and would most likely feature a dual clutch transmission namely POWERSHIFT transmission. It would be offered at a Rs 50,000 premium than the outgoing car. At this price point, it is a good option to those dual clutch transmission of Audi and Volkswagen. Expect it to arrive by July 2011. Most likely, the current engines would be retained with slight increment in power.


Honda Accord Diesel: Honda have known to be a petrol master however as of late, even they have been feeling the heat regarding the lack of diesel engines in their portfolio. To this very effect, Honda have moved from their obstinacy and have finally relented to bringing in their diesel engines. It would be started with their flagship, the Honda Accord in India. It would be a 2.2 liter engine producing 134 Bhp and 247 Nm of torque. This would be available at a premium of Rs 3.5 lakhs over the petrol variant. It would come in by March 2011.

Honda CR-V: The Honda CR-V has so far fended off competition very well however with the rise of fuel prices, Honda feels the need to bring in a diesel option to make the Honda Cr-V more viable. Not that it would be any cheaper however the Honda lovers would love a diesel for their car. It would also have the same 2.2 liter diesel motor but producing about 150 Bhp of peak power. Expect it to come in August 2011.

Honda Brio: This is the all new small car that Honda displayed at the Thailand Motor Show and it would be coming to India at around October 2011. It has got a 1.2 liter engine which would be good enough for 70 Bhp. Most likely, it would be the Honda Jazz’s unit in a detuned state. There would be enough space in this small car compared to the others in its class. It would be ducked within the 4 meters mark and the 1.2 liter petrol would be the only engine option available. There would be an automatic variant as well.


One of the largest manufacturers of cars in India, Hyundai Motors India Limited have been steadily launching cars in India. They have always believed in giving the Indian masses something which they offer in all their markets. Due to this, almost all their new cars fall into our laps.

Hyundai Elantra: Hyundai Elantra didn’t have a good run while it was earlier launched. That may be all set to change with the Hyundai Elantra 2011 coming in February 2011. This car may or may not be renamed for the Indian market. If at all, it would be renamed, the new name would be Hyundai Avante. For starters, it would be available with only a 2 liter CRDI diesel engine pumping out 158 bhp and would be a tough competition for the Chevrolet Cruze.

Mahindra and Mahindra:

Mahindra Xylo mini: To take on the Premier Rio and the Skoda Yeti, Mahindra and Mahindra plan to launch a mini SUV based on the Xylo platform. Its name is still no decided however it would have the Mahindra Xylo’s face. It would have only a diesel engine as choice of power plant. Since it would be under the 4 meters length restrictions for small cars, it would get the 12% excise duty benefits. It would also have a 1.5 liter diesel engine from the Mahindra Logan with a tweaked power output. It can be expected in December 2011.

Mahindra Korando: This is one SUV that would be slotted above the Mahindra Scorpio and is part of the dowry that Mahindra received after they annexed Chinese car maker Ssangyong Motors. It would have a more upmarket image than the Scorpio and would feature many luxury features unheard of in an SUV. It would be priced at around Rs 20 lakhs. It would make its debut in the Indian market in November 2011.

Mahindra W201: This is the world platform SUV that Mahindra are developing and have been caught testing many times as well. It would be slotted above the Mahindra Scorpio but would be below that of the Mahindra Korando. It would also have an upgrade version of the CRDE engine that does duty in the Mahindra Scorpio. Since it’s been almost a year since it is been tested, we are sure that the launch date is imminent. It would be priced in the Rs 11-15 lakhs category. It may be launched as early as February 2011.

Maruti Suzuki:

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011: We already know that a new Swift has been launched in the European market and it is available with a wide range of engine options however in the Indian scenario we only get two engine choices. For 2011, the engine options would be the same and may be tweaked to eke better performance. The new body shell would be more tougher and the enhanced wheel base would have more leg room as well. Expect it in March 2011.

Maruti Suzuki Sx4 diesel: It has been long in the coming and with the advent of the Volkswagen Vento diesel, Maruti are feeling the heat even more. The Maruti Suzuki SX4 diesel would be the same one doing duties in the Indigo Manza and the Fiat Linea. It would produce 90Bhp and would be fitted with a variable geometry turbocharger. It would also be cheaper than the aforementioned cars. Since it would be a direct lift from Fiat, it would be launched as early as February 2011.

Maruti Suzuki Kizashi: This car is the one which would let Maruti Suzuki know if they are accepted in India only as a maker of small cars or even they can sell premium ones. The latter is the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi. It is already a big hit in the US and even Europe and the company has every hopes of making this a hit in India as well. It would be fitted with a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine making 185 Bhp and 310 Nm of torque. It would compete with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. It would also have a 6 speed auto transmission. It wouldn’t be until September 2011 that Maruti would bring it into India.

Tata Motors:

Tata Safari 2011: It has been long in the offing. This has been one SUV which has a long stint without a major upgrade. It has received engine upgrades but not major ones to the exteriors. The Tata Safari 2011 is based on the new X2 platform. This is the same platform on which the Tata Aria was built. It will have the same 2.2 liter Dicor but better looks and space utilization. The launch date is as early as May 2011.

This is just some of the cars that would make it into the Indian soil and that too definitely by 2011. There are some others which would only surface in 2012 and so we haven’t listed those. Happy New Year every one and drive safe.

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    1. Honda is tightlipped about the launch of the diesel variant of the Accord and we expect it to be launched by the second half of 2011. Stay tuned to our website for more information.

    1. Wait for a new SUV from Force,it has got Mercedez engine and what not>>>>>A refined horse,i can say

  1. I”m waiting for more electric vehicles to be launched as that really is the future for india. The reva too can do with some healthy competition.

  2. Why is nobody talking about the launch date of Isuzu Mu-7 ????
    Hey i am looking forward to it.. and would love to know the date when it will be launched…

  3. most of the people like me is looking for diesel van which will be

    useful for all work .why all manufacturer not thinking towards the

    same.cng and lpg pumps will take atleast 5 years to come to remote

    areas.tata venture look is not good.

  4. When shall Honda brio automatc come out? Any new small automatic transission cars other than a star and i10 coming out?

  5. i want a fuel efficient car(good mielage perofrmance) due to rising petrol cost and ofcourse which will have a good resale value.

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