Volkswagen aims at becoming top global car-maker riding on the Skoda

Volkswagen, the leading auto-maker from Germany, is working hard at snatching the top global position in the car manufacturing segment. The auto market top slot is being presently held by General Motors from the United States and by Toyota Motors from Japan. The company has set itself a target of becoming the largest auto manufacturer globally, within the year 2018. Though it itself is increasing its product lines for the global auto market, Volkswagen also has expectations that a significant component of the car sales will be grabbed by its subsidiary concerns, including Skoda, among others.

Skoda, the Volkswagen subsidiary from the Czech Republic, has plans to grow at twice the pace than its parent company, Volkswagen. When it comes to the premium auto segment, Skoda has already been making a strong impact with its popular models that include the Wagon and the Skoda Superb. Following the small car launch by Volkswagen, Skoda has also come up with plans that can help it make the next favorite car of the people – the Skoda Citigo. The vehicle is expected to be launched into the market very soon. It is expected that the pricing of the Skoda Citigo is going to be kept at the $10,000 mark in the company’s home territory – the Czech Republic. The company also has great expectations from its hatchback, the Fabia – the car is already performing well across the global auto market.

Volkswagen aims at becoming top global car-maker riding on the SkodaWorking aggressively towards increasing its global line of products, Skoda has made plans of adding two new vehicular models into their portfolio per year. All this planning is being done to help the company achieve a sales growth of 84% within the year 2018. The benchmark sales figure that the company is planning to achieve within that time frame is 1.41 million car units, which would be a huge growth from its current sales numbers of 768,000 car units.

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