Volkswagen all set to reposition Brands in Indian market; Skoda cars may turn cheaper

Volkswagen is undertaking a repositioning for its group brands in India to line up with its worldwide practice that may witness Skoda moving down in hierarchy.

German automobile maker has three (3) brands comprising Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi in India.

Audi is in the luxury section. Skoda, however, has taken a more superior place as against the Volkswagen brand, in contradiction of the group’s universal practice.

Volkswagen Group Board Member and Executive Vice President Ulrich Hackenberg stated that it’s a query of how different brands are positioned against themselves in the market. Skoda has a quite high position (in India). In the group, Skoda is little bit positioned under Volkswagen. So, we are on the way to make a correction,”

Volkswagen all set to reposition Brands in Indian market; Skoda cars may turn cheaper

At this time, the Volkswagen markets 7 brands in the Indian market comprising hatchback Polo, sedans Vento, Jetta, Passat and Phaeton in conjunction with sport utility vehicle Touareg and the renowned Beetle.

Skoda, in contrast, boasts 5 models that consist of sedans Rapid, Laura and Superb, hatchback Fabia, together with compact sport utility vehicle Yeti.

At present, on a comparative basis hatchback Skoda Fabia is priced between Rs.4.60 lakh and Rs.8.10 lakh, while Volkswagen Polo is tagged at Rs.4.8 lakh to Rs.6.94 lakh.

In the same way, mid-sized sedan Skoda Rapid is tagged between Rs.6.90 lakh and Rs.9.50 lakh as against Volkswagen Vento that is valued between Rs.7.29 lakh and Rs.9.89 lakh.

Volkswagen Polo

Below the premium sedan section, Skoda Laura is valued at Rs.12.9 lakh to Rs.18.97 lakh, whereas Volkswagen Jetta is obtainable at Rs.13.6 lakh and Rs.18.9 lakh.

In the luxury section, Skoda Superb comes at Rs.18 lakh to Rs.24 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), whereas that of Volkswagen Passat is accessible from Rs.22 lakh to Rs.27.26 lakh.

The Volkswagen group stated that till 2015, India will not be a priority market for launching of fresh models, comprising small car Up! and big investments as the “biz case is not optimistic”.

“We are eyeing the biz case, which is not encouraging. In relationship to the investment we require to do, we are not in the state to do that,” Hackenberg had said.

Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen Group Chief Representative (India) John Chacko stated that the company will hold itself from taking any major verdict or launching fresh models in the Indian market.

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