Volkswagen Fox Pepper Concept Unveiled

Volkswagen’s hunger for the commuter market is panging more intensively, and when the Sao Paulo Motor Show of Brazil is overhead certain bombastic appearance at the venue can be expected in the form of new concepts.

Hence, one more for down the line, Volkswagen unveiled a “Fox Pepper” concept ahead of the auto show. However, only exterior images are unveiled, which the interiors are explained in the words of: having red colored air-con vents matching the outer shade, 5.5-inch display for GPS navigation and infotainment system, leather seats to entice the visitors in two shades and Fox Pepper badging at certain places.

On the outer, as said the car will be painted in red, and the center of A-B pillar in black likewise to the roof. The 15-inch alloys to fill in the remaining gap left over by new bumpers, front grille – consisted of honeycomb mesh, rear diffuser and dual exhausts.

Volkswagen Fox Pepper Concept Unveiled

Though, the automaker at the most aspirated auto show of Brazil will display it in the conceptual form, and would put it into production if responses will be generous in numbers.

Under the bonnet, a 1.6-liter engine to produce 120bhp running on ethanol. The 0-100km/h will be covered in 9.9 seconds and top-speed will be of 183km/h.

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