Lamborghini Sold More Than 3,000 Huracans In Ten Months

Lamborghini Gallardo, once a star will always be, but Huracan now taken over to continue its legacy, is being sold in immaculate numbers since stepped into the shoes of predecessor.

As per official authority of Lamborghini in US, the company has recorded sale of more than 3,000 Huracan LP610-4 within 10 months of the timeframe since launched.

Hence, the automaker has delivered 1,000 cars whereas the expecting sales target for the whole brand this year is to roll-out 3,600 units.

Looking to the recent past, it can rectified that Italian Bull is quite confident to sell its offering in so generous numbers this year, as in 2013 it took the battle to lead the fray with target of 2,121 units only.

Lamborghini Sold More Than 3,000 Huracans In Ten Months

Though, already in good shape, Huracan is bound to get Spyder version and a more powerful Superleggera trim soon in the coming year.

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