Volkswagen to unveil its XL1 concept car at the Delhi Auto Expo

Volkswagen is recording its best ever presence in the history of the Delhi Auto Expo in the 2012 edition. It has lined up three very interesting products for display at the Expo. This will include two revamped variants of its existing models including the latest Volkswagen Touareg and the Volkswagen Beetle. Its latest concept car the XL1 is also going to be showcased. The latest concept car has been uniquely crafted by Volkswagen and its sharp design line is definitely going to make this car capture a lot of adulation from the visitors.

To top it off, the car has been provided with a hybrid engine that has been given the capacity to deliver an astounding fuel efficiency level of 111km/liter. it achieves the same through its low capacity TDi 1.0L two-cylinder engine that generates peak power of 48Bhp. Its electric engine adds a further power of 27Bhp thereby making the XL1 one of the most efficient cars that Volkswagen has ever designed. Concept cars have always received a lot of limelight as they usually provide a preview of what future models of cars are going to have in them. But, at this expo, it will be the latest Volkswagen Beetle that is expected to steal the show. This small car has already attracted a lot of admiration not only due to its unique design, but also because of the very powerful 2.0L petrol engine that has been provided to it. However, sales of this car has been unsatisfactory till date because of the absence of a diesel variant as well as the steep pricing it has been given. This time around, Volkswagen has put in concerted efforts to address these inefficiencies and the 2012 variant of the Volkswagen Beetle is expected to pack a punch.

Volkswagen to unveil its XL1 concept car at the Delhi Auto ExpoIt is now being offered with a petrol engine of 1.4L that achieves a maximum power of 158Bhp. Additionally, the car has also been offered in a diesel variant having a 2.0L engine that offers peak power of 138Bhp. Thus, Volkswagen has been able to address the needs of both its diesel as well as petrol consumers. However, there has been no official announcement by the German auto giant on the pricing of the latest Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen has also taken the decision of providing a lot of enhancements to the only SUV it has in the Indian market, the Volkswagen Touareg. The latest Touareg has been provided with a V6 3.0L engine that achieves an incredible maximum power of 205Bhp. Subtle hints has also been provided by the manufacturer on the possibilities of a petrol-hybrid variant of 3.0L being introduced in the near future. This does not seem to have much significance presently as far as the Indian auto market is concerned as the infrastructure required for hybrid variants is still to be set up in the country.

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