Volkswagen’s management changes

Volkswagen India has a new President and Managing Director namely Dr John Chacko. His appointment came into effect from 1st of December 2010. Speaking about Dr John Chacko, he was the Technical Managing Director for Volkswagen India. As Volkswagen Group are planning on diversifying into the truck segment, erstwhile Managing Director, Joerg Mueller has been moved onto the post of Chief Director of Volkswagen Group Truck Division. Dr John Chacko is expected to bring about a sea change in the current operations of Volkswagen India. He is also believed to address to the huge customer complaints regarding the sale and services of the Volkswagen Group in India.

On the same lines, CEO of Volkswagen AG, Mr Martin Winkerton’s contract has been extended to another 5 years. This is in line with the vision of the 63 year old patriarch, who wants to overtake Toyota Motor Corporation in the race for been the world’s number 1 car manufacturer by 2015. To this very effect, Winkerton has annexed Scania AB, a Swedish truck maker and now is in talks with Porsche SE to buy them out. He has also put forward plans to double production capacity with two new plants in the Chinese market. There would also be a new factory which would come up in mid 2011 in the US market, where Toyota is dominant. Winkerton’s contract earlier started in 2007 and would have otherwise ended by end of 2011. Due to the extension, his contract would now end on 2016.

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